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Phyllo is the #1 alternative to Demographics Pro that supports:

influencers on its database
more filters and analytics
integrations with social platforms

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Why Phyllo is #1 for Influencer Discovery, Tracking, and Content Monitoring

Dashboard for Influencer Discovery & Tracking

The Phyllo Creator Search Dashboard lets you discover the most relevant creators for your brand in <5 minutes and helps you drill down into their profile, audience and content metrics.

Creator Account Connection Management

Phyllo removes the biggest pain point of using APIs for account connections - the FRICTION! Use Creator Linkage to invite creators and monitor all connected accounts in one place.

Public + Authenticated Data

Phyllo’s complete product suite of public and authenticated offerings helps you perform influencer discovery, activation, and campaign tracking & monitoring in a systematic manner.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Demographics Pro
Influencer database size
250 Million+
Exact number not specified
Search filters and creator analytics
Relies heavily on audience demographics
Platforms covered
Platforms not specified
Minimum threshold for influencer tracking
Data not provided
API Access
Access to public influencer data
UI for influencer discovery and tracking
Access to authenticated, private influencer data
Instagram Stories coverage
UI for managing account connections
Pricing plans

We Have the Largest Database of 250M+ Creators

Across 20+ social platforms

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube with public data offerings | 20+ over authenticated offerings

Across 100s of geographies

40M+ US creators | 10M+ UK creators | 15M+ Indian creators

Across a range of industries

25M+ in Fashion | 20M+ in
Travel | 15M+ in Sports & Music

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