The universal API for creator data

When influencer marketing and creator economy companies want to onboard influencers with ease and track their data across 100+ social platforms in real time, they use Phyllo

Use Cases

Influencer Marketing

Build a robust influencer marketing application where you can onboard verified creators, track content performance, and measure campaign ROI seamlessly. Our complete product suite is tailor-made for connecting with the right influencers and getting the most out of brand campaigns

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Our products for influencer marketing will help you
Find & Onboard Verified Influencers
Understand their Fan Demographics
Analyse their Profile & Reputation Data
Monitor Multiple Content Types
Track their Content Performance
Measure Campaign Performance & ROI

Creator Tools

Enable creators to build their own showcase pages, access social analytics, publish promotional content, and identity top fans with our read and write APIs

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Creator Fintech

Provide financial services to the creator economy by getting access to verified income data of creators across multiple social platforms

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Social KYC

Perform advanced social identity verification of users across a host of industries including dating and matrimony, travel, recruitment, financial services, and more

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Empowering businesses around the world


Best-in-class security and compliance practices


99.99% availability


Infinitely scalable with
distributed infrastructure

APIs that power the creator economy

Integrate in a breeze

Easily integrate Phyllo APIs across iOS, React Native, Android, Flutter, and Web with just a few lines of code

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Activate and access verified data instantly

Activate any creator’s account, and get access to the creator’s identity, engagement, and income data on demand

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Normalized data
through a single API

We ♥ clean code. Phyllo provides access to normalized data from hundreds of sources through a single API

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Here's how Phyllo works


In your app, creators are prompted to connect their accounts to platforms of choice


Phyllo's SDK kicks in and creators are shown our data security and privacy guidelines


Creators select the desired platform they wish to connect from a host of different options


Creators go through the chosen platform's secured login process


Creators get a clear disclosure of what information is requested by your application


Phyllo API sends all creator-consented data to your app. Creators can choose to either continue to your app or connect another account.


Creators can see their profile information and analytics data in your app.

Our products


Identity API verifies a creator's identity and returns unique information such as name, email id, etc. depending upon the source platform

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Engagement API provides data about a creator’s content and their reputation from the source platform like subscribers, followers, comments, etc.

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Income API gives you the income and transaction-level data from a creator or independent work platform

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With Publish API, you can allow users to publish content directly from your app on to the source creator platform

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With Creator Linkage, use a single dashboard to invite creators to connect their accounts and monitor their metrics

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Extensive coverage

Phyllo provides deep integrations to hundreds of creator platforms.
We take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your product.

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Customer testimonials

"Phyllo has been an invaluable partner for us, allowing seamless access to comprehensive creator data and their work/posts/reels/videos. Their out-of-the-box SDK which allows influencers to connect their social media accounts is great. The APIs are well designed and the team is very responsive."

Rahul Bansal
Co-founder & CTO, BintanGo

"Phyllo has transformed our experience of manual data collection from influencers at 456 Growth. It provides a ready-made dashboard to monitor all influencer connections and their performance. We look forward to using it for future use cases."

Dan Albert
Co-founder, 456 Growth Media

“Phyllo has helped Impulze immensely in scaling our product. We could build both our Chrome extension and Discovery features using Phyllo. The best part about Phyllo is the flexibility they provide with authenticated data.”

Manzoor Samad
Founder & CTO, Impulze.Ai

"Phyllo helped us build faster and easier by abstracting away the various social media platform developer APIs. Phyllo powers our social analytics features allowing us to focus on product instead of infrastructure. They are constantly adding new functionality which enables us to drive more value to our end users"

Neal Jean
Cofounder, Beacons

“Creator Platform integration is an important part of our infrastructure and we have offloaded all of this to Phyllo so that we’re able to focus on our core algorithms and platform without worrying about the infrastructure. Integrating with them is quick and their documentation makes our job really easy”

Rupesh Raj
Cofounder, Jelly

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