Catch the pulse of any social conversation

Drive positive engagement, competitive intelligence, & higher ROI for brands through deep social listening

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Listen across platforms

Monitor conversations on all major social platforms

Continuous refresh

Receive accurate social data in real-time

Up to 80% savings

Reduce the cost of integration by up to 80%

AI Enhancements

Access relevance scores, brand rankings, and more

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Engage and analyze at the speed of social

One API to build numerous winning social listening features

Build the “Google Analytics” for influencer marketing

Drill down which social media campaigns drive maximum traction and report their engagement numbers and ROI effectively

Guide brands identify
potential partners

Gauge conversations and engagement to find influencers who align with a brand's values and have a strong online presence for potential partnerships

Provide advanced
competitor intel

Let brands listen to conversations around competing brands/products to see what’s working well for them and build a competitive advantage

Help brands avoid
PR disasters

Dissect brand discussions to help brands remain vigilant about fluctuations in audience mentions, engagement levels, negative sentiment, and more

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