Scour the interweb with Social MediaScreening APIs
Social Media Screening APIs

AI powered safety analyses for profiles spanning across social media, news, and more.

Flag problematic content with AI

Automate manual searches with relevant checks to highlight guns, voilence, hate, nudity, abuse, etc.

Screening for Executive Hiring

Zone in on a user’s cross-channel behaviour with APIs that span across social media channels, Google News sources, and more.

Define criteria and risk scores

Calculate profile safety scores across different categories that you can define based on your use case and industry.

Best-in-class security
for scalability

Enterprise grade security
with GDPR compliance,
SOC II certification, and more.

API-lead process

Developer-first APIs, ready to plug and play. Best-in-class documentation and 24*7 support.

Reliable beyond

99.99% availability. Yep.

Cancel culture is real; keep your brand out of social media trouble.