AI-powered Social Media Screening

Flag problematic
content without
manual intervention

Automate the manual search with checks as defined by the relevant Trust & Safety categories like guns violence, nudity, hate symbols/speech, child sexual content, etc.

Use digital footprints
for background screening

Identify and flag candidates based on risk categories and company policies to  streamline the screening process.

Swift, cost-efficient assessments based
on your criteria

Calculate profile scores across different categories that you can define based on your use case and industry.

Best-in-class security for scalability

Enterprise grade security with GDPR compliance, SOC II certification, and more.

API-lead process customization

Developer-first APIs, ready to plug and play. Best-in-class documentation and 24*7 support.

Reliable beyond

99.99% availability. Yep.

Cancel culture is real; keep your brand out of social media trouble.