Insights into income, safe and reliable.

Fetch data about creators'/individuals' income streams across different platforms.

Publish across platforms

Allow content publishing from
your app on to multiple
creator platforms

Error handling

We take care of token
management, error handling
and platform compliance

Multiple content types

Publish varied content:
Images, YouTube / TikTok videos,
Instagram Stories and Reels

Up to 80% savings

Reduce the cost of
integration by up to 80%

Flexible Financing is the future

The world now runs on a new wave of finance solutions: thanks to the internet, individuals are making money in new ways across the world.

Leverage our secure and reliable income data APIs to offer flexible solutions to users, evaluate credit-worthiness, and more.

Best-in-class security
for scalability

Enterprise grade security
with GDPR compliance,
SOC II certification, and more.

API-lead process

Developer-first APIs, ready to plug and play. Best-in-class documentation and 24*7 support.

Reliable beyond

99.99% availability. Yep.

Reimagining FinTech for the new world?

Phyllo is the most trusted option for cross-platform income data in the world.