Add Content Publishing Capabilities to Your App

Give creators on your app the freedom to publish content directly on to social platforms without any manual intervention


Publish across Platforms

Allow content publishing from your app on to multiple creator platforms

Error Handling

We take care of token management, error handling and platform compliance

Multiple Content Types

Publish varied content: Images, YouTube / TikTok videos, Instagram Stories and Reels

Up to 80% Savings

Reduce the cost of integration by up to 80%

3 Simple steps to get started

Step 1

Tell Phyllo what content to publish

Step 2

Get Publishing Confirmation

Step 3

Receive content engagement metrics from phyllo

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Use cases

Unify Influencer
Marketing Flows

Allow influencers to post content on socials, run approval flows, and track content performance, all within the comfort of your app

Help Creators Reach a Wider Audience

Allow creators on your marketplace/community to post promotional previews of their content, courses, podcasts, storefronts, and other offerings directly on to social platforms

Build a Holistic Creator App

Build user-friendly apps for creators where they can publish and track content from multiple platforms and across content types. We enable this through an API-first approach, thereby reducing the reliance on third-party social management tools

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