Get Accurate Creator Data the Right Way

Unlock the true potential of accurate creator data. Phyllo's Authenticated APIs provide non-public, consented insights for smarter decisions.

Source data from 20+ platforms with creator consent
Real-time pipeline for up-to-date insights
De-risk your business with precise cost and reach metrics

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Why Use Authenticated APIs from Phyllo vs. Third-Party Public Scrapers

With Phyllo's Authenticated APIs you get reliable data with secure access. We deliver accurate insights, seamless integration, real-time updates, and GDPR/CCPA compliance.

Data Accuracy
Data Coverage
Data Refresh Frequency
Ease of Use

Accurate first-party data including post-login data
Cross-format data: Stories, Audience Demographics, etc.
Under 24 hours
Superior data pipe performance with source platforms
One universal API used across platforms
Continuous account connection and webhooks for real-time updates
Completely creator-consented, GDPR/CCPA compliant
Third Party Data
Agencies (TPAs)
Public and approximated private data
No cross-format data coverage, approximations used
Over 30 hours
Inefficient scraping discouraged by platforms
Rely on multiple APIs for different platforms
Delayed 'on-demand' data requests from source platforms
Lacking creator-consent, data not as reliable

What You Can Do with Phyllo

Get Non-Public Data
Track Nano-influencer 
Access Real-time Data
Leverage Accurate Metrics
“Phyllo has enabled us to access creator data from a large number of platforms on day 1 rather than going and integrating with each platform; that was not feasible for us and would have taken a lot of time and effort.”
Till Musshoff
Cofounder, Control Console
"Phyllo helped us build faster and easier by abstracting away the various social media platform developer APIs. Phyllo powers our social analytics features allowing us to focus on product instead of infrastructure. They are constantly adding new functionality which enables us to drive more value to our end users"
Neal Jean
Cofounder, Beacons
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Optimize influencer campaigns with precise data
Maximize ROI with targeted audience analysis
Drive business growth with data-backed decisions