Access Social Media APIs Without the Headaches

Phyllo's social media APIs remove the pain of building with native APIs on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Directly access consented creator data
Integrate content, profiles, analytics and more without endless workarounds
Build unique social experiences for marketing success and growth

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How Phyllo Solves Native Social 
API Challenges

Native APIs on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
Phyllo APIs
Access to user data and audience insights
Limited demographic data on
native API
Comprehensive demographic data to fine-tune your marketing strategy
Data normalization
The structure of the data returned by the API can vary depending on the endpoint and the type of object being retrieved. This inconsistency can complicate data processing and analysis, as developers need to account for different data structures and handle them accordingly.
Phyllo’s universal API streamlines and structures data for better usability.
Permissions and review process
Each platform has unique and granular permission management processes. Handling permissions on multiple platforms is a challenge
Use Phyllo to manage permissions, and to easily verify creator identity and profile data across social media platforms—using one interface.
Rate limits including quotas and daily limits
Platforms impose strict limits on API quotas, requiring significant compliance efforts to prevent misuse.
Phyllo’s robust solution includes data retrieval that stays within quota limits.
Limited data uploading capabilities
Uploading content through APIs has restrictions on formats and sizes etc.
Enjoy hassle-free content uploads across platforms.
Costly infrastructure
Accessing data and meeting platform audits require the costly and resource-intensive creation of infrastructure.
Use Phyllo’s unified API to integrate with multiple platforms, consolidating infrastructure and security costs.
Complex integrations
Integrating multiple APIs for data retrieval across profiles, videos, playlists, demographics, and income is complex.
Dive deep into demographics and other essential data with one straightforward API.

Experience the Phyllo API Advantage—for Your Social Media Platform of Choice

Page access without app review, transparent API limits, unified data consent controls
Simplified authentication via creator accounts, token refresh handling, consent flows
Workarounds for content owner connections, granular data access control, transparent API limits
Authorized data access despite restrictions, unified creator onboarding, consent and privacy controls

Phyllo: The Universal API for Facebook

Simplify your integration process with Phyllo's unified API, seamlessly connecting with various social platforms, including Facebook. Benefit from streamlined data normalization, platform partnerships, and simplified app approvals, empowering your focus on product development.

Profile data

Unlock detailed user profile data to verify a creator’s identity and understand their top-level follower metrics 

Content feeds

Access real-time content feeds of creators and drill down into their engagement metrics, such as likes, impressions, and shares.

Audience demographics

Deep dive into audience demographics to strategize and fine-tune your influencer marketing efforts.

Content views

Gain insights from content views data to measure impact and adjust your influencer strategy.

What else can you do with Phyllo?

Expand your possibilities. Discover automated verification, influencer marketing tools, fintech integration, and more.

Identity Verification Made Simple

Easily validate creator identities. Gain in-depth understanding of their fan following and reputation to align with your business strategy.

Understand Creator's Earnings

Access easy-to-navigate data about creators' multiple income streams. Know your creators better and ensure a more tailored strategy across various platforms.

Engagement Data at Your Fingertips

Receive a regular stream of updated content data. Explore engagement metrics such as likes, views, reach, and impressions to gauge the impact and adjust your strategies.

Streamline Content Publishing

Empower creators on your platform with the ability to publish content directly onto social platforms. Eliminate the need for manual intervention and enhance productivity.

Effortless Creator Linkage

Seamlessly connect influencer accounts with our zero-friction solution. Monitor influencers' first-party stats in a unified dashboard for a comprehensive overview.

Why Build Social Media API Integrations for the Creator Economy When You Have Phyllo?

Build your own API
Get Phyllo’s Social APIs
Time to Market
Longer development time
Immediate access to out-of-the-box APIs, integrate in days
Compliance and Regulations
Complex and time-consuming
Pre-built compliance mechanisms
Expertise and Maintenance
Requires dedicated resources and expertise for manual implementation. Ongoing overhead
Always up-to-date with platform changes and API updates
Scalability and Flexibility
Limited scalability and flexibility
Ready for scale with flexible integration
Higher development and 
maintenance costs
Cost-effective with ready-to-use solutions
Focus on Core Competencies
Requires diversion of resources 
and focus
Allows focus on core business objectives
“Phyllo has enabled us to access creator data from a large number of platforms on day 1 rather than going and integrating with each platform; that was not feasible for us and would have taken a lot of time and effort.”
Till Musshoff
Cofounder, Control Console
"Phyllo helped us build faster and easier by abstracting away the various social media platform developer APIs. Phyllo powers our social analytics features allowing us to focus on product instead of infrastructure. They are constantly adding new functionality which enables us to drive more value to our end users"
Neal Jean
Cofounder, Beacons

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