Announcing Audience API - Access audience demographics data

Fetch information about a creator’s audience like their gender ratio, age distribution, and geographical locations.

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If you are building for the creator economy, you know that getting access to detailed data about creators and their audiences can be a pain. At Phyllo, we realized that developers could derive tremendous value if they have easy access to essential information about any creator’s audience like their gender ratio, age distribution, and geographical locations.

Such information would be helpful in -

  • Improving campaign conversion by focusing on the right target group
  • Understanding the cultural and social context for the planned campaign
  • Aligning the campaign strategy with the audience’s interests
  • Maximizing campaign ROI

The Audience API is an extension to Phyllo’s Identity API by which you can get access to the demographics information for a creator’s lifetime audience.

Such information includes country, city, age & gender distribution, etc, and much more (or much lesser) depending on the info different work platforms provide.

If you’re building a product or service for creators, check out the Audience APIs here.

Benefits of using the Audience API:

  • Access creator’s consented data at the click of a button
  • Eliminate a lot of manual work invested in accessing audience data, thereby providing scale
  • Get trusted and accurate audience data from the source platform, thus eliminating guesswork around a campaign’s performance
  • One API to fetch audience data across multiple social platforms, providing an awesome developer experience

Phyllo’s Audience API powers numerous use cases, including:

  • Influencer marketing platforms / Talent agencies: Improve monetization by enabling brands to discover influencers based on audience data
  • Media kits / Creator profile: Get the complete overview of audience demographics across platforms
  • Affiliate marketing platforms: Connect with the right affiliates to promote your products
  • Social analytics for creators: Create a unified analytics dashboard for creators with their accurate, dynamic data
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