Announcing Comments API - Get comment data on a creator’s content thread

Announcing comments API - access all comment information from a creator's content

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At Phyllo, we are constantly looking for ways to empower developers who are building tools and applications for creators. The Comments API is a step along that path.

We realized that developers could derive immense value if they learn details about the commenter and the comments on a content thread. This information would be useful in -

  • Learning about the audience sentiment
  • Knowing who the top fans of a creator are (most platforms do not provide this information natively)

The Comments API is an extension of Phyllo’s Engagement API by which you can get access to all comment information for a creator’s content.

Developers can use the API to fetch the actual comment text, publishing status, username of the commenter, and engagement attributes such as the number of likes on the comment, number of replies to the comment, etc., and much more depending on the information different work platforms provide.

Comments from all connected social platforms are displayed in one place

Phyllo’s Comments API powers many use cases such as:

  • Creator Community/Fan communities: Creators may bring their top commenters to community pages based on comments and interactions
  • Influencer marketing platforms: Enable brands to discover influencers based on comments and influencer impact
  • Membership platforms: Creators pick the top fans and offer them special subscriptions
  • Creator marketplaces: Enable creators to invite their top commenters/fans to their exclusive workshops and access special content offerings
  • Media kits / Creator profile: Get the complete overview of top commenters along with their interactions around content

Our Comments API is now live and currently supports Instagram and YouTube. Support for other social channels is coming soon.

Find more details in our developer guide → Comments API.

Ambarish Ganesh
Growth @ Phyllo

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