Exploring Alternatives to HypeAuditor for Influencer Analytics

Check out these HypeAuditor alternatives to find the right solution for your use case. Learn more about how you can choose.

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HypeAuditor helps businesses connect with social influencers. 

It helps businesses analyze their content’s performance based on followers and engagement rate. However, users expect more from the platform than it currently does.

Despite of having a massive database, the platform shies away from providing comprehensive and diverse micro-influence data. In other areas, users’ expectations diverge from the platform’s offerings. 

If you’re looking to shift to HypeAuditor’s alternative for any reason or are simply considering options, let this guide make your research easier.

Why Seek HypeAuditor Alternatives

Every marketer has unique needs and requirements from their influencer marketing analytics software. Some care more about Instagram stories than others. Some need robust reporting and listening capabilities.

All tools in the market strive to provide what their users expect, but the extent to which the software addresses users’ requirements varies. Some tools may fulfill users’ needs better than others. 

In the case of HypeAuditor, several users have talked about their requirements in their reviews. HypeAuditor still needs to add these features and functionalities that are critical market needs. 

  • There are specific reports and listening limitations. This is due to limitations in the API. 
  • Facebook insights aren’t available.
  • A feature to aggregate Instagram story content still needs to be added.
  • Needs nano influencer data from small countries.

Several other limitations are discussed in reviews as of October 11, 2023. Many users found the tool's pricing to be on the higher side. A marketer says, “The pricing model has too many add-ons. Also, it's kind of expensive compared to other software.”  

These needs and wishes of marketers often fuel their decision to look for other alternatives. In the article, we talk about the most favorable alternatives. But before we explore them, let’s see why they’re on the list. 

Key Criteria for Evaluation: Selecting The Best Influencer Marketing API Platforms

When selecting the best influencer marketing API platforms, you should consider these critical areas:

  • Influencer search: The platform should be able to identify influencers across social media channels.
  • Data accuracy: The platform should provide reliable and accurate data.
  • Dashboards: You should be able to visualize running influencer campaigns’ performance in one place.
  • Filtering and segmenting capabilities: Based on a series of factors, you should be able to filter and segment influencers to choose the most appropriate.
  • Usability: The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Pricing: Costs should align with the features and benefits offered.
  • Import and export: Make sure you can import and export influencer data, including contact information.
  • Integration: It should easily integrate with other marketing tools.
  • Communication tools: The software should allow you to connect, collaborate, and communicate with influencers over messaging. 
  • Real-time analytics: The platform needs to offer up-to-date insights.
  • Audience insights: Detailed audience demographics and behavior are crucial.
  • Engagement metrics: The tool should track likes, comments, shares, and other engagement markers.
  • Support: Prompt customer service and support are essential.
  • Scalability: The platform should cater to both small campaigns and large-scale operations.
  • Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing marketing goals is a plus.

Top HypeAuditor Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Below is a list of top alternatives and competitors of HypeAuditor. It compares alternatives based on their features, functionalities, pricing, and benefits.

1. Phyllo

Phyllo helps you discover content creators and get 100% access to authentic and updated creator data. The platform allows you to quickly onboard and collaborate with influencers across social media platforms. It visualizes campaign performance analytics in a dashboard, helping you make the right decisions at the right time. 

Key Features and Functionalities of Phyllo

Below are some notable features and functionalities to inform your decision. 

  • Instant data access makes influencer identity data accessible. It shows reputation and contact details, among other helpful information. 
  • Engagement data makes choosing the most suitable influencer for a marketing campaign easier. It delivers insights into likes, comments, shares, and subscribers.
  • Ability to identify true fans helps managers decide if they’re the same as the brand’s target audience.
  • Creator linkage allows you to manage and monitor all creators and their campaigns in one place.

Phyllo’s Pricing

Phyllo offers three pricing plans: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. The company offers customized pricing for your use case. Contact the team to know more. 

How Phyllo compares with HypeAuditor

Below are some benefits of Phyllo over HypeAuditor. 

  • Phyllo’s pricing is more competitive. 
  • The platform provides a unified solution for influencer marketing use cases. 
  • Users can leverage simple, modular, and scalable APIs for fetching creator data with more than 50 filters.
  • The platform uses creator-approved data, helping you avoid any compliance issues.
  • They source data from multiple providers and creator databases comprising over 200 million influencers.
  •  You get real-time first-party insights just like from the actual social platforms. The data is fresh and accurate.
  • The software offers higher data refresh frequency, preventing data decay.

2. Upfluence

Upfluence simplifies identifying, connecting with, and managing influencers. It allows brands to search for influencers across social media platforms based on specific criteria like niche, location, and audience size. The software gives you valuable insights into influencer analytics and their content performance.

Key Features and Functionalities of Upfluence

Below are some notable features and capabilities of Upfluence

  • Influencer search and discovery: Upfluence helps brands find the right influencers for their campaigns. 
  • Analytics: Once you've found an influencer, you can dive deep into their stats, such as engagement rate, follower demographics, etc.
  • Relationship management: You can organize your influencers, keep notes about your interactions with them, and monitor the status of campaigns.
  • Campaign management: There are many moving parts in campaign management. Upfluence simplifies management with campaign monitor and tracker.

Upfluence’s Pricing

Upfluence offers three pricing plans: Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. The platform gives you one seat on a Growth plan, five seats on Scale, and 25 seats on Enterprise. The team doesn’t mention its pricing on the website. But you can contact them to explore the costs of a plan customized to your needs.

How Upfluence Compares With HypeAuditor

Below are some benefits of Upfluence over HypeAuditor. 

  • The quality of support of HypeAuditor is better than Upfluence.
  • Ease of usage, setup, and administration is higher in Upfluence. 
  • Both of them cater to the small business segment. 

*This information is sourced from G2 as of 11th October, 2023.

3. Influencity

Influencity helps brands make the most of their influencer marketing campaigns. From discovery to collaboration to analytics, the platform equips brands with everything they need for successful influencer partnerships. It helps businesses develop a robust influencer marketing strategy with access to comprehensive profile statistics. 

Key Features and Functionalities of Influencity

Below are some notable features and capabilities of Influencity. 

  • Deep analytics: Influencer marketing isn’t just about finding influencers. You need detailed insights into an influencer's audience, engagement rates, and content performance. Influencity analytics help brands choose influencers who genuinely resonate with their target audience.
  • Effective collaboration: The platform makes sure everyone is on the same page. It establishes a direct communication line between brands and creators. 
  • ROI tracking: Influencity helps you visualize how campaigns impact your bottom line, ensuring you get value for money. 

Influencity’s Pricing

The platform offers a free trial. The Basic plan costs $168 per month. The Professional plan costs $348 per month, and the Business plan costs you $698 monthly. The company also offers custom plans for your unique requirements.

How Influencity Compares With HypeAuditor

Below are some notable aspects of Influencity when compared with HypeAuditor. 

  • Influencity’s ease of usage and setup is higher than HypeAuditor.
  • Influencity’s influencer scoring system is better than HypeAuditor.
  • The audience analysis capabilities of HypeAuditor are much better than Influencity.

*This information is sourced from G2 as of 11th October, 2023.


GRIN is a powerful platform that manages and monitors influencers and their campaigns. It helps brands seamlessly collaborate with influencers and measure success.

Key Features and Functionalities of GIRN

Below are some notable features and functionalities of GRINs Creator Management Platform.

  • E-Commerce integrations:  Allows brands to easily send products to influencers directly through the platform. 
  • Content management: The platform helps you locate, track, and repurpose every bit of content that the brand ambassadors distribute on social. 
  • Relationship management: Allows you to nurture relationships at every stage of an influencer marketing campaign. 

GRIN’s pricing

GRIN’s pricing isn’t available on the website. You can contact the team to know more about how much it costs.

How GRIN Compares With HypeAuditor

Below are some notable aspects of GRIN when compared with HypeAuditor. 

  • Both are suitable for brands in the small business segment. 
  • GRIN’s ability to meet marketers’ requirements is higher than HypeAuditor. 
  • GRIN’s quality of support is better. 

*This information is sourced from G2 as of 11th October, 2023.

5. Creator IQ

Creator IQ makes influencer marketing scalable for innovative brands. It delivers predictable and measurable results on creator-led marketing campaigns.

Key Features and Functionalities of CreatorIQ

Below are some notable features and functionalities of Creator IQ’s creator-led marketing platform. 

  • Safety checks. The platform verifies influencers’ reputations, ensuring you only work with genuine influencers.
  • Content production scalability. CreatorIQ makes distributing authentic and affordable content easier on owned, earned, and paid channels.
  • Creator CRM. Brings all creator data together in one place for more informed decision-making. 

CreatorIQ’s pricing

The company doesn’t show exact pricing on its website. Contact the team to discuss your influencer marketing needs and get custom pricing.

How CreatorIQ Compares With HypeAuditor

Below are some notable aspects of CreatorIQ when compared with HypeAuditor. 

  • CreatorIQ is more suitable for mid-market businesses.  The majority of HypeAuditor’s customers belong to the small businesses segment.
  • CreatorIQ’s support quality is much better than HypeAuditor.
  • The CreatorIQ content approval system is much better.

*This information is sourced from G2 as of 11th October, 2023.

Choose your HyperAuditor Alternatives: Right Influencer Marketing API Platform

When exploring HypeAuditor alternatives, several platforms emerge as contenders, but Phyllo stands out as the top choice. Phyllo offers an edge with instant access to authentic and updated creator data. Users can swiftly onboard and collaborate with influencers, benefiting from a dashboard that beautifully visualizes campaign analytics. 

Moreover, its competitive pricing and comprehensive features, including engagement data and creator linkage, make it the frontrunner. Other platforms like Upfluence aides campaign management and influencer search but need more quality support. Influencity offers excellent support but needs to catch up in audience analysis capabilities.

On the other hand, GRIN, with its E-Commerce integrations and Creator IQ emphasizing safety check, make a strong statement as influencer marketing software but doesn’t necessarily meet marketers’ needs as Phyllo does.

Quick Comparision of HypeAuditor’s Alternatives and Competitors




User Ratings (Out of 5)

Market Segment


Engagement metrics, Access to real-time first-party data, Creator linkage

Available on request


Small business, mid-market, and enterprise


Analytics, Influencer search, Relationship, and campaign management

Available on request


Small business


Deep analytics, collaboration, ROI tracking

Starts from $168 per month


Small business


E-Commerce integrations, content and relationship management

Available on request


Small business and mid-market


Creator CRM, safety checks, and content production scalability

Available on request


Mid-market and small business

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