How Beacons uses Phyllo to create the perfect media kit for creators to be successful

Phyllo helped Beacons take away the major developer and infrastructure challenge and launch a successful media kit product to be used by millions of creators worldwide

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Beacons is a leading creator economy company driven by a mission to provide better economic opportunity to millions of creators around the world. Beacons enables creators to build fully customizable websites and media kits to grow their creator businesses. The company, co-founded by Neal Jean, Jesse Zhang, David Zeng, and Greg Luppescu and backed by a16z, has over a million creators connected to their platform.

The Challenge

Developers and businesses building for the creator economy face a common problem - maintaining the necessary infrastructure and services to ensure support for hundreds of creator platforms. It is essential to have a trustworthy, first-party source of data and very few creator platforms provide an open API. Even when they do, it requires a fair amount of developer effort to maintain the integration while also taking care of data and security best practices.

For Beacons, it was important to:

  • Build differentiation and stay ahead of the curve
  • Provide deeper integrations across different creator platforms for comprehensive social analytics
  • Find a way to do this in a scalable manner
  • Go beyond a link-in bio page to become a system of record for brands to evaluate creators

Phyllo helps accelerate time to market with new feature launches

Phyllo provides a single API pipe to integrate with hundreds of creator platforms - YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, Substack, Instagram, Shopify, OpenSea, and hundreds of others.

Beacons realized that brand deals still make a major source of monetization for creators. An essential part of winning a brand deal is a good media kit for creators. The goal was to go beyond a link-in bio page to become a system of record for brands to evaluate creators, almost like a Linkedin for creators with verified and trusted first-party data.

đź’ˇ Phyllo helped Beacons take away the major developer and infrastructure challenge and launch a successful media kit product to be used by millions of creators worldwide.

With Phyllo, Beacons was able to:

  • Add support for multiple source platforms without adding any infrastructure overhead
  • Focus more on the product and customers rather than spending time on maintaining infrastructure
  • Launch new features with faster time to market like the brand deal media kit and social cross-platform analytics (Examples: Suki, TheBeardedITGuy, Meg Flaim)
  • Move forward in the mission to help creators monetize their content and audience

See how easy it is to onboard a creator on Beacons using Phyllo

“Phyllo helped us build faster and easier by abstracting away the various social media platform developer APIs. Phyllo powers our social analytics features allowing us to focus on product instead of infrastructure. They are constantly adding new functionality which enables us to drive more value to our end users.”

- Neal Jean, Co-founder, Beacons

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Know more about Phyllo

What is Phyllo?

Phyllo is the universal API to get secure and easy access to creator-permissioned data across hundreds of source platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Shopify, Substack, OpenSea, and others.

Companies and developers building tools, products, and services for the creator economy and Web3 can leverage Phyllo’s APIs to verify any creator’s identity, income, and engagement data.

This opens up an opportunity to power numerous use cases like:

  • Financial services for creators based on income and engagement data
  • Creator tools like link-in bio and social engagement trackers
  • Social identity verification for web3 and digital native companies
  • Portfolios of creators powered by intelligent media and brand kits
  • Influencer marketing discovery and ROI measurements

Why Phyllo?

  • Integrate in a breeze - Easily integrate Phyllo APIs across iOS, React Native, Android, Flutter, and Web with just a few lines of code
  • Activate and access verified creator data instantly - Activate any creator’s account, and get access to the creator’s identity, engagement, and income data on demand
  • Normalized data through a single API - We love clean code. Phyllo provides access to normalized data from hundreds of sources through a single API

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