How To Analyze Twitter Influencers

Twitter is often an underrated social media platform but has huge potential. Twitter can create buzz on different topics, making them trendy and helping brands understand their audience's preferences. This platform has numerous features that make it suitable for marketing businesses of any type or size. Nevertheless, for a brand looking for a collaboration, you must analyze Twitter influencers before signing the deal.

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Rise of Twitter as an influencer marketing platform

Twitter is often an underrated social media platform but has huge potential. More than 166 million users actively engage in daily conversation. This microblogging platform is not only used for communication but also for business. One Twitter ad can reach 436.4 million users improving brand awareness. It allows companies to gain customer engagement, build impressions on their website of products and generate leads.

When Wheaties used Simon Biles' faces on their cereal box packaging, it unleashed a new era of growth and sales. With increasing social media influence in our daily life and increased sales with celebrities' endorsement of products, brands are focusing mainly on social media influencer marketing tactics. 

Today's consumers rely heavily on influencer recommendations, who are their peers, and every social media platforms boost top-notch influencers and content creators. Even though Twitter is no Instagram, it is still highly relevant and influential. Like any other social media platform, it is challenging to find marketing success with Twitter without strategic planning.

Twitter can create buzz on different topics, making them trendy and helping brands understand their audience's preferences. This platform has numerous features that make it suitable for marketing businesses of any type or size. 

For example, Twitter Circle allows you to have a selective group for featuring your products and services to prospective audiences. Other essential features include Twitter Communities, Twitter Spaces, Twitter Lists, and more.

Brands collaborate with influencers to create brand-sponsored tweets and reach a vast audience to spread the brand message and what they do. For a brand looking for a collaboration, you must analyze Twitter influencers before signing the deal.

Importance of Twitter as an influencer marketing platform

Twitter has a different level of audience responsiveness and readiness to engage, which makes it an essential part of influencer marketing. Twitter users spend 26% more time watching ads than on any other social media channel. If you still need convincing about the impact of a single tweet, then read our article.

Improves brand awareness

Twitter influencer analytics ensure you find the right candidate for marketing. These people have a large follower base, and when an influencer speaks well about a brand, the audience gets in-depth knowledge about you. It is an excellent platform for inexpensive brand awareness campaigns.

This Samsung advertisement with the popular K-Pop band BTS has caught immense attention and popularity.

Improves product awareness

When a popular content creator speaks well about your product, it increases the potential of people to know about products and services. When your product gets the proper visibility and recommendation from an influencer, you will immediately see its impact on your bottom line.

Stand out from the crowd

When you have several competitors in the market, capturing the audience's attention with only traditional marketing approaches takes a lot of work. But when an influencer brings out the uniqueness in your brand or says how it is different from others and what real-life difficulties they are solving, you can stand out of the crowd.

Wheaties, a popular breakfast cereal brand, collaborates with Olympian Simon Biles, and this campaign has been grabbing eyeballs and bringing a lot of engagement on their Twitter handle.

Drives purchase

When someone searches for a product you are selling and sees an influencer branding it, there remains a chance of impulsive purchase.

Sponsored tweets can drive both direct and organic traffic to brand sites, increasing domain authority and your search rankings.

Twitter influencer Chiara Ferragni’s Dior collaboration for their 2023 Spring Summer collection has helped the brand get over 130K views, and this has helped drive purchases. Also, the number of retweets and comments on the post has sparked a feeling of community, as Dior enthusiasts have come forward to show their appreciation.

Builds community and customer loyalty

When your existing customers and potential customers interact with an influencer's tweet or retweet it, it helps build a community and fosters loyalty among the consumers.

How to find and track metrics influencers on Twitter

When you analyze Twitter influencers, what do you usually look for? Their followers, followings, account engagement, bio, and other metrics. Here is how you can track how much influence a content creator has and whether they will be helpful for your branding.

The number of followers

This metric indicates a person's influence; however, it doesn't ascertain being the best. Individuals can purchase fake followers or get bot accounts to follow them; therefore, look into their likes or retweets to identify fake profiles.

You can look into the last tweet dates to see if the account is active.


The engagement rate of Twitter influencers, can be calculated by dividing the number of likes, retweets, and replies by total impressions. As Twitter doesn't showcase others' impressions, you can use Twitter Analytics.

If an individual doesn't have a verified account but has a solid follower base, with 600-900 likes on average, can they be an influencer? Yes, they are micro-influencers.


Influential accounts have substantial differences between followers and followings. An account with 10M followers but following 250 others is notable.

Some people can use hashtags or phrases on their bio or tweets to grow followers; they can have similar followers and followings. In such cases, you must look into the engagement.

Look into the bio

A user's bio on Twitter makes it stand out from others. It usually showcases their professions, who they are, and their interests. This metric helps brands identify the influencer's suitability for their marketing strategy.

Verified account

When Twitter verifies an account, it is an authentic and active account. If you are looking for an influencer who has a significant impact on their followers and can improve your sales or brand awareness, choose an influencer with a verified account.

Top 3 geolocation of the followers

The language and culture of an influencer's followers must incline toward the one you are focusing on. For example, if you are running a local coffee shop in San Francisco, your influencer's content must reach people in and around San Francisco, not Delhi, India.

The last tweet date

Twitter is a platform where a creator can go viral with a post and lose traction in subsequent tweets. Therefore to gain insights into their real engagement, analyze their accounts, and review their activities.

How to run a Twitter influencer campaign?

Twitter is a fast-paced and dynamic platform, and the sponsored tweets are engaging and include a call to action that audiences can't ignore. More than 90% of consumers worldwide trust earned media that blends the word-of-mouth strategy and recommendations from trustworthy sources. However, you must analyze Twitter influencers before you choose one for your branding and look into their capabilities of reaching more people, and regularly monitor the success rate of the campaign. You need to compare the changes prior to launching an influencer campaign on Twitter and after the launch effects.

Here are some simple steps to run a successful influencer campaign:

Find the perfect influencer in your industry

You must start by finding relevant influencers associated with your domain and industry. For example, suppose you are running a fashion brand. In that case, your target audience and the influencer's followers must be mutually inclusive, or you will not gain any advantage with the influencer marketing campaign. 

This is true for every industry, and brands must carefully choose influencers to reach the right audience, increase conversion rates, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Your marketing efforts will have negative outcomes when you address to wrong audiences, thus impacting your return on investment.

You must define an ideal influencer based on their genre, specialties, reach, and engagement rates.

Brands use different social media tools for identifying and tracking influencers that meet brand-specific criteria. However, you can follow a manual process:

  • Browse different profiles, hashtags, and trendy topics
  • Explore relevant keywords to your brand

Use the right tool to know an influencer.

When you analyze Twitter influencers, the most critical metric is follower count. However, the success of Twitter influence marketing depends on the engagement rate of a particular influencer. Invest in the right tool that gives valuable insight into the engagement rates of potential partners while running large influencer campaigns.

Here are a few options

  • Phyllo: Use Phyllo's identity API and get access to an influencer's profile information, including their name, linked to profiles, date of birth, etc., along with their follower count, following, subscribers, and other metrics.
  • BuzzSumo: It allows you to search for influencers in your preferred industry.
  • Awario: It mainly benefits brands in identifying who is talking about them and where it is happening.
  • Upfluence: This comprehensive influence of marketing tool helps brands find more than 3 million influences, look into their content and manage campaign performance.

Build relationships

You must have a good relationship with influencers before asking them to play a role in your campaign. While approaching an influencer for paid partnerships, try to retweet some of their posts; Twitter links to articles they publish, etc., on your brand page. 

This shows the influencers that you know them and value their authority in the particular industrial space.

Once the initial contact is made, you can reach them via email or Twitter DM and send a brief or discuss the sponsorship. If they agree with the partnership, you can explain more about the campaign and their roles in it. Furthermore, it is essential to send them free products or services for sharing authentic reviews.

Launch your Twitter campaign

After you analyze Twitter influencers and choose a perfect fit, think of ways to make your campaign successful.

  • Ask the influencer to tweet about your brand in their own voice
  • Offer visual assets to the partners for using them in every tweet
  • Share sponsored tweets with special promotions
  • Develop a unique landing page or promo code for each partnered influencer and track conversion rates
  • Monitor sponsored tweets' engagement rates

Measure your Twitter campaign

While conducting a Twitter campaign, it is important to watch the success parameters. Here are a few things that can help you identify if the influencer campaign is influencing your marketing plans.

Measure impressions

Impressions are the metrics to measure your popularity. With the versatile marketing interface, Twitter generates "impressions" when many people view your tweets. Therefore, marketers must strategically place hashtags and better control their online content to increase impression count.

The number of clicks

The number of clicks on your tweets speaks a lot about your marketing activity. Every Twitter campaign must come up with a fundamental objective that ranges from generating more leads, setting a platform for website traffic, attracting new audiences, improving brand awareness, etc. 

As a marketer, you must keep track of the number of clicks to your website links through Twitter's in-built versatile features of calculating clicks. It gives you an idea of how much your content attracts the target audience.

Look for retweets

When your shared content gets retweets, you can establish good connections with industry leaders and convert them into your target audience. Brands must be smart enough to boost retweets by requesting influencers and followers to retweet. It ensures you gain visibility, identifies followers, and measure your content's performance.

Measure clicks on your website link

Your Twitter marketing campaigns must attract social media followers through videos, pictures, and emoticons and improve clicks to your website for ordering products and services. Brands must watch for the number of "link clicks" generated from their tweets.

Watch your conversion rate.

To assess the effectiveness of a Twitter influencer campaign, keep an eye on the conversion rate. Twitter lets brands track consumer behavior closely and see how much their tweets influence audiences to visit brand websites. It further drives sales or generates business leads.

Measure your profile views.

The rise and fall in the number of your profile views are directly related to the increase or decrease in brand popularity. When content gets reshared, and several people click on the link to view your profile, you create a name in the social media circle, increase your contacts with industry experts, enhance conversions, and drive sales.

Wrapping up

When you properly analyze Twitter influencers and manage the marketing campaign effectively, Twitter influencer marketing campaigns serve as an inexpensive strategy to attract customers, gain trust and increase brand awareness. An industry thought leader enjoying your product and services can offer authentic endorsement and is trusted by their followers or audiences.


Is Twitter good for influencer marketing?

Twitter influencers offer an authentic endorsement of your brand to a vast audience and are highly trusted by most people. It is a great cost-effective platform to increase brand awareness.

What are promoted trends on Twitter?

When an audience clicks on a Promoted Trend, they will find a tweet from your brand at the top of the search result, followed by original tweets from the conversation surrounding the trend.

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