How To Create An Influencer Database?

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Today's audience would rather listen to recommendations from an influencer than even their friends. This peer review of products and brands has led to immense growth in influencer marketing platforms.

Brands have also tapped into this booming influencer marketing industry, especially during the pandemic and in the post-pandemic period. This is more cost effective than traditional marketing, has a greater reach, and can be customized per the brand's need (follower growth, product launch, brand awareness, or sales).

Most brands these days have a repository or an influencer database of creators they want to work with, have previously collaborated with, and are currently working with. This removes redundancy and allows for the successful execution of digital marketing campaigns.

The right creators are the individuals having audiences you want to target and whose artistic creations align with your brand. Finding the right influencer partner is a time-consuming process, and the best way is to use an influencer database, where you can filter creators by their engagement rate, followers size, interests, and more. This ensures you create a successful marketing campaign and have a CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) that justifies the revenue generated.

How to build an influencer database

What Is An Influencer Database?

An influencer database is a digital directory of millions of creator data that helps marketers and brands find influencers that fit their requirements and industry. Brands can access these influencer databases by collaborating with influencer marketing agencies or influencer marketplaces. Creators can range from well-known social media influencers to bloggers to even micro-influencers. 

An influencer database is a catalog of creators that allows you to find your ideal creator without trowling through multiple databases. You can sort influencers through the following metrics:

  • Social media handles
  • Contact information
  • Industry
  • Interests
  • Follower count and engagement rate
  • Price per post
  • Active platforms
  • Content type
  • Location and audience demographics

How To Find The Right Content Creators?

There can be anywhere between 3.2 million and 37.8 million creators globally, and finding "the one" for your brand can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. We have compiled a list of metrics that you can consider.

Relevance: A fruitful influencer partnership can be developed only when you collaborate with relevant influencers for your brand, product, or industry. 

Resonance: The next step to finding creators is to see if their kind of content resonates with your brand style and values.

Authenticity: Go through a potential influencer's sponsored post on any of the top social platforms and see if they come across as spammy. Do the captions on these posts reflects their expertise in the niche? 

Consistency: While researching an influencer, check their consistency in publishing the content. The more active they are, the better their engagement rate.

Reach: It is essential to look into the influencer data to determine the follower count and understand their content reach.

Engagement: Finally, look into the engagement rate of social media influencers. It ensures these creators do not have fake followers; instead, audiences read, like, comment, and share their posts.

What is an influencer database

Importance Of Influencer Database

An influencer database is helpful to brands in numerous ways. Some of them are listed below:

It saves time and money

By using an influencer database, you can save countless hours in searching for the creator. Brands can better evaluate influencers and use their resources to pursue a creator and ideate on the campaign.

It helps you reach the right market

Brands using the high-quality influencer database can look into their influencer marketplace content library to find the content they produce and the target audience. It is helpful for small businesses with fewer resources. They can reach the right audience without wasting much money.

Raises brand awareness

Influencer marketing platforms allow you to collaborate with the right influencers that help increase brand awareness among your chosen audience demographics. An influencer search tool lets you find multiple creators meeting your requirements.

Establish long-term relationships with influencers and their audience

To implement a successful influencer marketing strategy, you must develop long-term influencer relationships, build trust among your audience, and run creative campaigns. Brands can also use several free influencer search tools and management tools to find a creator with whom they can foster a strong working relationship.

Boosts campaign ROI

Influencer databases offer SEO and engagement metrics that help brands develop and run successful influencer marketing campaigns. The database comprises legitimate influencers, so brands have greater potential to improve conversions and sales. 

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How To Start When Building Your Influencer Database

Influencer database

Do you want to create your own database for influencers that will help with your digital marketing campaigns? Having a comprehensive database removes redundancy and outdated details. Struggling between multiple platforms and spreadsheets is a time-consuming process too.

Investing in an influencer CRM can be a great way of keeping creator details centralized into a single platform. However, if you are not ready to invest in expensive influencer management tools, use cost-effective alternative options like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Numbers. 

Collect and record creators' information

Before you launch an influencer marketing campaign, you must reach out to the correct influencer who can build your brand affinity by creating an emotional connection with consumers. You can collect their contact information from different platforms and store them in your own influencer database.

You can also pull influencer information from your past campaigns and store them too. There is no perfect way of filling out an influencer database, and one can easily get overwhelmed with details while managing multiple creators. However, you need to have the following contact details:

  • Name
  • Email Address/ Contact details
  • Different social network account names
  • Number of followers
  • Content type
  • Location
  • Industry

Assign different levels to the influencer database

You can set labels to mark different stages of your influencer partnerships, thus speeding up the process. Stages in the developer-creator relationship process may include the following:

  • Prospects: You have yet to contact such influencers but want to collaborate in the future.
  • Contacted: You have already communicated with them.
  • Interested: These are the influencers who have responded to your pitches.
  • Ghosted: You have tried contacting them but had no response, or they have stopped responding.

You can try contacting the ghosted influencers, as there can be several reasons for their losing interest in you. 

Now, for the influencers you have already worked with, you can further categorize them as:

  • Active or Collaboration in Progress: You are currently working with them.
  • Inactive or Worked Before: You have worked with them before but are no more a part of the current influencer marketing campaign.
  • Brand ambassador: You have worked with several times and is a part of your active campaigns

Maintain an influencer outreach program

Building and maintaining an influencer database ensures you efficiently organize creator contacts and influencer marketing campaign details. 

Keep adding new creator details on your roster, as the acquisition of new talents along with existing ones helps you make intelligent marketing moves. However, ensure you're paying attention to your existing brand ambassadors, as maintaining an excellent professional relationship with influencers is essential.

Collaborate with influencers with existing brand affinity

You can look for an influencer with an existing affinity for your brand or industry and add them to your influencer database. Brand affinity gives individuals the reputation of being more effective in generating viable leads.

Launch a formal influencer program

Finally, consider launching a strategic influencer marketing campaign explicitly developed for influencers with a significant industry presence. These influencers will connect to your brand more closely and can increase the ROI.

Ensure you implement influencer marketing campaigns systematically and effectively, where you compensate and evaluate the influencers properly. It gives a clear picture of what works the best and makes your campaign successful. 

How Does Phyllo Help In Building An Influencer Database?

Phyllo is the data bridge between creator platforms and developers that provides important creator data from multiple sources to developers for identifying the right influencer for their influencer marketing campaign.

We provide developers with a single API pipeline for gathering public and authenticated data. Phyllo's Creator Search product uses multiple external partners to source authentic creator data, allowing developers to access a large pool of creators and filter them across various parameters.

How do we work?

When a developer sends a creator search request, our Phyllo search API begins an advanced search for influencers on different social media platforms using multiple filters.

Here's how we offer the best, authentic search results

  1. Creator Search API: our creator search API is used to search for multiple creator social media accounts and supports more than 50 filters to find the ideal influencer.
  2. Profile Analytics API: our profile analytics API then drills down the selected influencer profiles and reputation metrics, including their follower and subscriber count, engagement rate, top interests, hashtags, mentions, etc.

Connect with us today to learn more!

Influencer database: Phyllo


Today, several influencer marketing tools are available in the market that helps with influencer discovery with a follower base mutually inclusive with your target audience. This has reduced the hassles of influencer marketing efforts, leading to more successful marketing campaigns.

Use Phyllo, a Universal API that readily gives access to influencer databases and helps you get accurate data. Choose suitable influencers for your brand and create a revolutionary influencer campaign that stands out from your competition.

Influencer Database FAQs

How do I find a list of influencers without using an influencer marketing platform?

You can visit Google search, and type influencer location, niches, or other metrics on the search bar, to find influencer lists. You can also perform a hashtag search on Instagram, check your followers for potential influencers, or check your influencers who follow and engage with your competitors.

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How do I track my influencer results?

You can track an influencer's performance using UTM links, coupon codes, affiliate links, and customized landing pages.

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