Instagram Monitoring: How to Set Up and Which Instagram Tools Are Best

The article discusses the importance of Instagram monitoring for businesses to stay competitive in the digital era. It introduces Phyllo as a solution, highlighting its various APIs for efficient data gathering. The benefits of Instagram monitoring, including real-time engagement and competitive intelligence, are emphasized. The article provides a step-by-step guide for setting up Instagram monitoring with Phyllo, underscoring the significance of data-driven strategies for success on the platform.

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Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. From how we communicate, assimilate  information, connect with others, it serves as a source of entertainment to tackle boredom. With a staggering 2 million active users, Instagram leads the pack in this digital age.

It's not just a platform to post enticing pictures and videos anymore. It is a powerhouse for discovering new products and brands, with a whopping 62.7% of Instagram profiles actively following businesses.

Businesses are amping up their Instagram game by showcasing their service and products to wider audiences. Adapting these evolving trends into their marketing strategy has become indispensable for businesses to grab attention on their user's feeds.

So, are you feeling lost in the Instagram shuffle? Are you wondering how to shine amidst the overwhelming crowd? Guess what?  Instagram monitoring is here to help you!

Success on the Instagram app doesn't come solely from posting frequently. But, it's about staying informed about your instagram presence and visibility through effective monitoring. Therefore, simply pressing a follow button is not enough to crack their codes.

Instagram monitoring helps to keep track of your business-related mentions, trending hashtags, competitor activity, crucial keywords, and influential posts to modify your strategy accordingly.

In this guide, we'll delve into the essence of Instagram monitoring, outline its significance, and help you find a perfect tool to uncover its full potential for driving business growth.

What is Instagram Monitoring?

Instagram monitoring is a comprehensive process that involves regular observation and analysis of Instagram posts relevant to your business goals. These posts can be of influencers, international brands, collaborators, and even your competitors.  

Monitoring external factors such as brand mentions, hashtags, and audience responses will help in the increasing the user engagement and understanding of the audience's behavior. It delves into the nuances of competitor's business accounts and industry trends to gain valuable account insights, aiding businesses to increase their follower numbers.  

You can use Instagram monitoring to fetch data about the best-performed content in the app to make informed decisions for your upcoming posts. It also lets you assess the performance of your posts among your target audiences.

Features of Instagram Monitoring

  • Tracks brand mentions to respond and act instantly for any queries and feedback, allowing businesses to actively engage with users in real-time. It includes tracking comments, tags, and direct messages that mention your brand name.
  • Monitors relevant hashtags related to your business keywords to identify trending topics, join relevant conversations, and expand your reach among target accounts.
  • Allows you to check your Instagram analytics and helps you to evaluate the influence of your posts, identify the areas of improvement, and to level up your content game according to your business goals.
  • Monitors your competitor's posts to analyze the tactics they use to attract the audiences and their customer preferences which helps in refining your Instagram strategy.
  • Managing a brand's reputation by addressing negative feedback and comments. You can safeguard your brand's reputation by preventing any sort of PR crisis.
  • Last but not least, Instagram monitoring gathers the audience's insights to personalize your content according to their demographics, behavior patterns, and likes and dislikes.

Instagram Monitoring Vs Instagram Analytics

Instagram monitoring and Instagram analytics are slightly different processes, often implemented together to gain insights into your Instagram performance and audience engagement.

Here's a much more detailed breakdown of each process:-


Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics fetches the data and performance metrics of your account to get useful insights. These actionable insights will help you understand the overall performance of your content.

By interpreting these statistics, you can uncover the patterns that will boost your social media tactics. It specifically focuses on analyzing your account's performance, followers' growth, audience demographics,  and content effectiveness.

Instagram Monitoring

While Instagram analytics focuses on metrics and statistics, Instagram monitoring focuses on bringing hashtags,  mentions, Instagram direct messages, and other relevant business-related content to your attention. It transforms your Instagram profile by suggesting content that resonates with your audience, prompting you to make data-driven decisions.  


Instagram Analytics

Using Instagram's built-in analytics tool 'Insights' or any third-party social media analytics tools can provide you with your own Instagram insights.

Instagram Monitoring

The goal of Instagram monitoring tools is to mould your content strategy to boost user engagement and gain followers. Various Instagram monitoring tools are used to track trends, brand sentiment, and competitor's activity, and alert you to respond instantly.

Key Features

Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics tools track real-time likes, impressions, shares, comments, follower demographics, and best-performing content to provide you with an optimal posting time, speeding up your reach.

Instagram Monitoring

Allows you to identify influencers who align with your business strategy and target audience. Lets you stay ahead of the competition by helping you to refine your strategy through competitive analysis for maximum impact.


Instagram Analytics

Helps in identifying your followers' preferences, and emerging trends, and analyses competitors' metrics to help marketers bridge the content gap and present an opportunity to outshine them.

Instagram Monitoring

Instagram monitoring lays the foundation for meaningful engagement and drives business growth. By leveraging Instagram insights, you can cultivate a strong connection with your community, ultimately increasing your followers and expanding your brand awareness.

How Phyllo Simplifies Instagram Monitoring

Phyllo's workflow

Phyllo provides various APIs that allow continuous access to the required data across multiple social media platforms (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Shopify, and more. Instagram monitoring can be done more easily with the help of Phyllo's social listening API.

Developers can use this API to retrieve data such as mentions, hashtags, comments, likes, shares, and more from the platforms mentioned above. Harnessing Phyllo's social listening API is a smarter move to do keyword and page tracking on the Instagram app.

It signals your social media manager about any brand mentions on Instagram posts and helps you populate your feed with target audiences, influencers, collaborators, and competitors.  Phyllo also helps you to identify the most influential figures on Instagram and build a meaningful and beneficial relationship with them.

Phyllo reduces the integration cost by 80%, resonating with the budget constraints of small-scale businesses and individuals. By leveraging the capabilities of social listening API, brands can optimize their strategies to achieve higher return on investments (ROI).

5 Steps to Set Up Instagram Monitoring with Phyllo

Instagram analysis

Make the Integration process of Phyllo API into your app effortless by following these 5 simple steps.  

Step-1 - Register on Phyllo's dashboard to get your API credentials, client ID, and secret. After registering, you can create a user on Phyllo for developers who want to share their data. You will get an 'id' in response which can be used as your unique identification.

Creating a user

Step-2 - Using the returned 'id'. create an SDK token that can be used to initiate the SDK and connection account process. This token is only valid for a week.

Creating SDK token

Step-3 - Using the created SDK token, initialize the 'Connect SDK' process and proceed to launch the process. This will open your Instagram login page.

Connecting Instagram account

Step-4 - After connecting the SDK, the connection of any new Instagram accounts can be notified using the following several ways.

  • Listening to your front-end's events
  • Listening to your back-end's webhooks
  • Polling Phyllo's APIs (Not recommended as it causes rate-limiting issues)

You can start fetching the data using the back-end's webhooks via Phyllo. Compared to other ways, webhooks are the most reliable source of information. Call the 'Retrieve all accounts' API to get all connected user accounts. It also returns the connection and data sync status for all requested access. Once the data is synced, you can fetch the data from Instagram using the 'Retrieve all content items' API.

Fetching Da

ebhooksupdates and changes on data availability and account linking. Phyllo's dashboard makes your webhook management much easier.

Getting updates and changes

Phyllo vs. Other Instagram Monitoring Tools

Comparing Phyllo with other monitoring tools reveals how it stands out with distinct advantages and functionalities.  

Phyllo offers multiple APIs that offer comprehensive social listening capabilities, allowing social media managers to monitor your business account conversations, activities, sentiments, and trends. Here's a list of them.

Connect API- Allows creators to connect their Instagram accounts with Phyllo.

Identity API- Enables you to fetch the connected profile information.

Audience API- The audience's demographics can be identified using the analyzed data.

Engagement API - Shows likes, dislikes, views, and other engagement information.

Comments API - Fetches comment information across different types of content on Instagram.

Income API - Fetches the revenue information of your business account.

Activity API- Allows access to your recent activity on Instagram.

Publish API- Helps you to publish new content according to your audience's preferences.

The range of APIs provided by Phyllo is unmatched by any other Instagram monitoring tools. It offers a combination of advanced features, real-time monitoring capabilities, valuable insights,  and a user-friendly interface.

Phyllo allows the personalization of your professional dashboard according to your specific requirements. This flexibility allows marketers to shape a strategy that aligns with their business objectives.

Leveraging Instagram Data for Competitive Intelligence

In recent years, American Organizations have started to hire freelancers to do competitive analysis in order to recognize the importance of the human dimension. Competitive intelligence is the ability to gather and analyze competitor information to stand out as a top contender in a competitive business landscape.

It enables businesses to understand their competitive environment and aids in creating efficient business strategies. The principle of competitive intelligence is crystal clear: Know your enemy. It also enables marketers and sales teams to identify and react to trends more quickly.

There are two kinds of competitors operating on the Instagram platform. Direct and Indirect competitors. Direct competitors are those who des the similar services and sales as you. Meanwhile, indirect competitors are those whose services are different but exist in the same industry and have the same range of target audiences.

Analyze your competitor's Instagram account to check out the unique hashtags and keywords that they are using to boost their reach. The posting schedule also plays an important role in Instagram marketing. You should keep up with the pace of your competitor's posting schedule.

Tracking their product launches and campaigns and analyzing their audience engagement can inform businesses about current trends, audience preferences, and potential areas of improvement. It can also give ideas for potential partnerships and collaboration opportunities.

Getting Started with Phyllo

By harnessing the powerful tool 'Instagram monitoring', businesses can unlock a treasure of insights, from tracking brand mentions to analyzing audience's and competitor's activities. With Instagram monitoring, the opportunities and insights are endless.

This process becomes even more seamless with Phyllo leading the way. Phyllo empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve and achieve higher ROI.

Undoubtedly, phyllo is about to come up with its latest cutting-edge AI enhancements set to simplify your access to brand rankings, relevance scores, and additional features.  

Schedule a call or sign up for a free account to access creator data with Phyllo APIs today!

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