Phyllo and Bubble Partner to Launch Easy, No-code Access to Authenticated Creator Data

Building your influencer marketing and creator economy applications on Bubble is now easier than ever with Phyllo, a single API to connect to multiple creator platforms.

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We see a lot of up-and-coming companies today building dedicated products focused on influencer marketing and the creator economy. These creator-focused businesses are set up either by creators themselves or by individuals who understand this domain well and are well-equipped to serve creator needs. However, both of these groups perhaps aren’t the best people to write code and build a product from scratch. It also does not help their case that creator data is severely fragmented across multiple social media platforms, and there isn’t a single, universal source to get all this information in one place.

This is where the new Phyllo-Bubble partnership comes into the picture. Bubble, through its simple, no-code design, makes it super easy for these entrepreneurs to build full-fledged applications for creators. And to top it off, Phyllo’s new Bubble plugins simplify the process of getting creator data from 20+ social media platforms through a single API. Read on to start building on Bubble using Phyllo.

What can Bubble Builders do with Phyllo?

"The new Phyllo-Bubble plugin makes it easier than ever for Bubble Builders to create applications leveraging creator data from over 20 social media platforms through a single API" 

- Théo Goldberg, Senior Ecosystem Associate, Bubble

Phyllo’s biggest use case today is in the influencer marketing space, where you can use it to build a robust application that can onboard verified influencers, track content performance, understand fan demographics, and measure campaign ROI seamlessly. Phyllo APIs also power critical use cases in other industries, such as creator tools, financial services, social identity verification, and Web3. Check out this use case library to look at examples and client implementations of how best to leverage Phyllo APIs and build an amazing creator app.

Here’s an overview of Phyllo’s product suite and what data can be fetched using each API:

  1. Identity - Helps to instantly verify a creator’s identity and obtain their profile information like the number of followers, subscribers, bio, and more.
  2. Engagement - Pulls out content published by creators across formats and helps drill down into their engagement metrics, such as likes, impressions, and shares.
  3. Income - Fetches data about the creator’s income streams across social and commerce platforms.
  4. Audience - Helps understand the followers/subscribers of a creator, like their geographic and gender distribution, sensitivity, etc.
  5. Comments - Gets the comments on a particular piece of content published by a creator, including likes, replies, and the comment itself.
  6. Publish - Allows creators to publish content from a developer’s app onto the original creator platform.
  7. Activity - Used for getting access to a user’s activity on a particular platform such as their top played artists or recently played media content on Spotify etc.

Check out the full coverage guide to get a list of all the data attributes provided by the above APIs and details on their support across platforms.

How to install the Phyllo plugin on Bubble?

Installing the Phyllo plugin is a similar process as installing any other plugin on Bubble. However, there are two components to a Phyllo integration - the APIs and the Phyllo Connect SDK. The APIs run on the server side, and the Connect SDK presents itself on the user interface for the user to interact with and create a successful account connection. To separate these two components, we have built two Bubble plugins that simplify your usage and streamline your Phyllo integration.

To get the full benefit of Phyllo's product offerings, we recommend installing and utilizing both the plugins in your integration and user journey.

Phyllo Connect SDK

  • Go to the plugin marketplace on Bubble and search for "Phyllo Connect SDK". Or click here to go directly to the plugin.
  • Click on the "Install in an application" button.
  • Click on the "Done" button.
Phyllo Connect SDK Plugin
Phyllo Connect SDK Plugin

Phyllo APIs

  • Go to the plugin marketplace and search for "Phyllo APIs." Or click here to go directly to the plugin.
  • Click on the "Install in an application" button.
  • Click on the "Done" button.
Phyllo APIs Plugin
Phyllo APIs Plugin

And voila, you're done! To understand how you can utilize the plugins in detail and connect them with your app, head over to our complete Bubble plugin guide.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to build the perfect creator-focused app for your business, we’ve got you covered. Use Phyllo with Bubble to build your app today!

Abid Khan

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