Product Updates August & September 2023: Get access to data from LinkedIn via our APIs, Audience Sentiment API and More.

Find out about the latest product updates that have been brewing in the months of August and September at Phyllo. Introducing access to data from LinkedIn via our APIs, Audience Sentiment API and more.

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We have launched an exciting range of APIs that resolve a host of challenges in the age of internet.

We fine tuned our fan favorites - Creator Search APIs, and added LinkedIn to the suite of platforms we connect with. This means you've finally got a solution to your B2B influencer marketing woes - and Phyllo is the only place you can find these!

We're thrilled to take you through the groundbreaking Campaign Tracking APIs which help attribute sales and calculate the ROI from an influencer partnership, beyond coupon codes and affiliate links. You'd also like to stick around for our Social Listening APIs, and they're the most powerful you've seen so far. Calculate the purchase intent an influencer drives among followers with each post, and even find ways to retarget the users who show interest. Read on to learn more.

Creator Search API

Our creator search APIs seamlessly integrate into your influencer discovery process, and fit your workflows. And with our updates we've made them dig deeper, and do the hard work for you.

  • The APIs provide access to a vast influencer database of over 400+ million influencers across popular platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, encompassing both established and emerging influencers. 
  • Not only that, with over 50+ filters, the API also offers precise customization for influencer selection. This allows your users to refine their search based on influencer criteria, audience insights, content relevance, and performance metrics. 
  • Empower your platform users to identify influencers with brand alignment, ensuring authenticity in partnerships. By integrating the Creator Search APIs, your platform will enable users to curate influencer shortlists in under five minutes, assess brand fitment swiftly, thereby transforming the influencer discovery process

Using the Creator Search APIs, you can define your workflow and custom-build the set up that is most effective for your needs.

Reduce the time required to plan campaigns, going from weeks to hours. Stay on top of the game. Check it out today!

Creator Search API

Audience Sentiment API

Social media is always a-buzz, but there's meaningful interaction to take notice, or it's just noise. Audience Sentiment APIs help brands segregate the meaningful comments from trivial, non-contextual, and irrelevant interactions.

  • Using the Audience Sentiment API to enable your users to analyze and categorize comments on an influencer’s posts. They can filter based on the relevance to their brand. Further, they can gauge the quality of engagement under a post, in order to brand awareness.
  • Help your users save countless hours otherwise spent on manual data analysis and feedback collection. Take on a modern approach that is automated and data-driven - let the APIs collate performance data automatically, in a format that is ready to consume. After all, timely insights are key to optimized influencer marketing campaigns. 
  • Automate the otherwise manual tasks of analyzing engagement, identifying engaged audience profiles, and aggregating product reviews & testimonials. This ensures that a brand remains in real-time sync with valuable customer feedback. Learn more

Campaign Tracking API

Eliminate campaign uncertainties, and provide a distinct competitive edge to your users: Allow them to track which influencer campaign drove how many sales. Phyllo’s Campaign Tracking APIs offer a comprehensive suite of features to visualize the large-scale impact that an influencer drives.

  • Delve into past and future data insights: meticulously analyze previous performance to strategically plan upcoming campaigns. With multichannel monitoring, it is effortless for brands to manage multiple influencers across different platforms.
  • Data-driven decision-making becomes second nature when users are armed with solid metrics and insights to guide their choices. Hence, the API provides a precise calculation of Brand Lift. This measures and analyzes post-campaign mentions, hashtags, and comments in comparison to their pre-campaign standing. This helps you gauge the immediate impact of a campaign on brand value, and then over a period of time. Find it out for yourself!

Social Listening API

Our Social Listening APIs provide extensive coverage across content formats on all major social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

  • With our Social Listening APIs, you can offer brands the ability to understand their audience and what they are saying about the brand or other topics., Gain insights into audience conversations, assess purchase intent, evaluate brand sentiment, and track campaign performance effectively. Then optimize campaigns and make data-driven decisions.
  • Furthermore, analyze industry trends, benchmark against competitors and what audiences say about them, identify potential brand advocates, and stay informed about customer reviews on social media. Learn more.

Social Listening API

Brand Fit APIs

 There are limitations to assessing influencers based solely on followers, geography, and demographics. The Brand Fit APIs are  a game-changing solution for evaluating brand alignment effortlessly and efficiently.

  • Manually establishing brand fit is gonna take weeks if not months. Instead, instantly visualize the alignment between an influencer's values and a brand's values. Assess the topics they discuss, their tone of voice, content style, and their audience's interests for a holistic picture. Then get an immediate Brand Fit Score for influencers, along with rankings of influencer profiles in order of relevance.
  • Take it a step further: dive into the authenticity of an influencer's audience, distinguishing genuine followers from fake ones. Make informed predictions about how sponsored content will resonate with real followers, and the impact it can generate. Learn more

Brand Fit API

Brand Safety APIs

In the digital age, safeguarding a brand's image is paramount. This extends to the maintenance of reviews, comments, and all public interactions associated with the brand. Whether the brand aligns as an ally or adheres to specific values, having recent incidents involving media partners sharing politically extremist or conflicting content can pose a significant risk to their reputation. As a solution, we offer the Brand Safety APIs

  • It provides a dedicated Safety Score for potential influencer partners which helps efficiently identify inappropriate content, including references to substances, hate speech, obscenity, and violence.
  • Your users can swiftly assess an influencer's 30 most recent posts across various formats, and flag content that may lead to PR trouble. Try it out yourself

Brand Safety API

LinkedIn Creator Search API 

LinkedIn has been trying to embrace influencer marketing capabilities, as over 96% of B2B marketers use the platform as their primary channel for influencer marketing. However, searching for influencers on the platform is extremely laborious. 

Behold; the LinkedIn Creator Search API – an incredibly powerful set of exclusive APIs that make this process a breeze. 

  • Based on your campaign requirements and brand relevance, you can find the perfect match. Use our 50+ search filters across a database of 5M+ LinkedIn Creators-mode accounts.
  • Additionally, we offer comprehensive qualitative metrics like content relevance scores, campaign ROI & quantitative metrics like engagement rates and metrics such as reactions, comments, reposts for LinkedIn. 
  • The APIs are plug and play, meaning you can use them to build capabilities into your platform. This empowers your users to refine their search parameters when discovering influencers on LinkedIn. Check it out now!

LinkedIn Creator Search API

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