Product Updates August 2022: Brand New Developer Dashboard, YouTube Income API and More

With a brand new developer dashboard, significant improvements to our YouTube and TikTok integrations, and a host of new platforms to connect with, the last quarter was bustling with product updates at Phyllo.

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Lots of exciting developments have happened at Phyllo in the last few weeks! First, there was our Series A funding announcement which reaffirmed the faith and confidence our investors have in the product. Next, there was our Product Hunt launch where over 1000 members of the Product Hunt community gave Phyllo a massive thumbs up, further instilling our belief that we’re going to be at the forefront of change in the creator economy space. 

But, amidst such big news, we assure you that our topmost focus areas continue to be the product and upping its capabilities. Several new features, updates and additions have seen the light of the day in the last 60 days and this article is going to cover all the cool changes that your developers can look forward to while using Phyllo APIs. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Platform Coverage

In terms of new platform coverage and additions to existing integrations, there were multiple exciting new updates. We’re happy to announce that Phyllo’s Income APIs are now available in production for YouTube and AdSense. With this, your developers can pull granular income data for different types of transactions, be it ad revenue or subscription revenue. This integration opens up a host of possible use cases that can potentially power products like cash advances, loans, and other financial solutions based on ad revenue estimates.

Income API support has also been added in sandbox to Facebook and Twitch, along with three new commerce platforms - Shopify, Stripe and Etsy. Integrations with commerce platforms currently help fetch important information around store balances, platform payouts and transaction data. Production access for the above sandbox platforms will be available soon and if you’re interested in early access, you can contact us at

On the TikTok front, Audience Demographics are now live! This enables you to fetch audience metrics like countries and gender age splits, allowing your developers to build advanced analytical capabilities for TikTok creators. Other big news on the coverage side comes in the form of the Substack integration. The Identity and Engagement API are now available in production on Substack. Getting in-depth insights and playing around with the engagement metrics (likes, comments, views etc) of Substack newsletters and podcasts is now going to be a breeze.

Other important updates include:

  • Identity API support in sandbox for Discord
  • Engagement API support in production for Twitch
  • Identity and Engagement API support in sandbox for Pinterest, LinkedIn, Patreon and Reddit
Phyllo Platform Coverage

Updates to Instagram and YouTube

Phyllo now provides support for Reels on Instagram! This enables you to fetch all the associated reels metrics such as plays, shares, likes, comments, and more. This announcement comes at the back of Meta’s welcome decision to make the Reels APIs available after learning that the feature is an absolute top priority among its developer community. We believe Reels will open up even more avenues for creators to produce short, engaging content and it’s only fair that developers have the ability to build solutions that drill down and analyze Reels data.

On the YouTube integration, the Engagement API now supports the ‘duration’ field which returns the time duration of the video. An immediate use case of this field is to identify YouTube Shorts and classify them correctly, as YouTube currently does not provide any means (type or URL) of differentiating Shorts from regular videos via the API. Just like Instagram reels, this feature is here to stay and with the duration field, its non-availability via API can potentially be ironed out.

Other Big Updates

We’ve also launched an all new improved search API, which allows bulk retrieval of up to 100 items through a single API. This feature makes developers’ lives significantly easier as they now have to make only a single API call once they receive a webhook, leading to fewer API calls overall and faster data updates on their end. We’ve already received great response and adoption from our customers for this feature, and we cannot wait for more of you to try it out.

On to the Connect SDK, there’s a new pop-up flow that enables creators to use it directly on their app, without having to redirect to another tab. The advantages of this are two-fold. It has greatly improved connection rates while decreasing drop off to a large extent, and it has also reduced security concerns with more developers feeling at ease with how organic the entire process for establishing an account connection feels now.

Phyllo Connect SDK Popup Flow

Saving the Best for Last

Lastly, we’re delighted to share that Phyllo’s Developer Dashboard is now live! This is one of our biggest releases in the last few months that had the team working tirelessly to ensure that our developer community can test and play around with our APIs super quickly. With the developer dashboard, you can access creator data and integrate in just 15 minutes. The dashboard has all the relevant links to access our docs and reach out to 24x7 technical support. If you’re ready to transition to production from sandbox, you can simply request for production keys from the dashboard. It’s as simple as that!

Phyllo Developer Dashboard

Sign up for Phyllo here, play around with our APIs and let us know your feedback. We’d also love your comments on all of the above releases, so we know where to focus on next. Oh, and gear up for September, we have another busy and exciting month ahead!

Abid Khan

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