Product Updates June and July 2023: Publish API for YouTube and Instagram, Revamped Creator Linkage Dashboard, and More

Find out about the latest product updates that have been brewing in the months of June and July at Phyllo. Introducing Publish API support for Instagram and YouTube, a revamped Creator Linkage dashboard and a host of new updates.

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June and July were action-packed months for us at Phyllo, marked by a multitude of new product updates. We launched the Publish API for Youtube and Instagram along with production support for Identity on LinkedIn. We have also reimagined our Creator Linkage dashboard and extended our platform coverage by adding sandbox support for Beehiiv. So settle in, as we dive further into these amazing updates:

Publish API: Now Available for Youtube and Instagram

We are thrilled to introduce our revamped Publish API, which is now available for YouTube and Instagram, complementing the existing support for TikTok. With our versatile API, you can now effortlessly schedule and post content directly onto the creators' YouTube and Instagram accounts, allowing you to seamlessly embed content publishing capabilities directly onto your applications. 

These also work in tandem with our Engagement API which you can then use to track the published content items and present metrics to the creator on how they are performing. 

Identity for LinkedIn

At Phyllo, we understand the significance of user verification on your apps through a professional networking platform such as LinkedIn. This is why we’re super excited to announce production support for Identity for LinkedIn, aimed at providing effortless access to crucial user data attributes such as user email ID, name, and profile ID. This is made possible through a fully consented login process, ensuring instant verification of users' social identity. 

Additionally, we acknowledge the value of time and efficiency in today's fast-paced world. Hence, our commitment to enhancing user experience extends to the sign-up process as well. With pre-filled user data, you can onboard new users instantly, saving valuable time and effort.

Revamped Creator Linkage Dashboard 

We've implemented a multitude of enhancements to the Creator Linkage dashboard to enable you to save precious time and energy. Firstly, we’ve added filters to display creator accounts based on the connected platform as well as invite dates. You don’t have to go through hoops to check if your desired influencers were onboarded, simply use these filters and check all their connection statuses in real time!

Additionally, you can now export a selected influencer’s profile as a CSV to ensure you have easy access to their most up-to-date metrics. Lastly, the connection UI has also undergone a fresh coat of paint, so your influencers are onboarded even more seamlessly with Phyllo.

New Creator Linkage Connection Experience
Platform and Account Status Filters

Say Hello to Beehiiv

Our platform coverage has an exciting new addition - the growth-focused newsletter platform, Beehiiv. You can now use Phyllo APIs to access creator identity and engagement data from Beehiiv in sandbox. 

Check out our complete Airtable for a detailed look at all our supported platforms and product-wise data attributes. In case you want access or have any queries, do reach out to us at

We are thrilled to share these exciting updates with you, bringing you one step closer to success with Phyllo. So stay tuned for August, as we promise another packed and productive month, filled with even more improvements and updates. 

As always, sign up for a demo here if you have any questions on these features or want to understand Phyllo better.

Swastik Barua
Marketing @ Phyllo

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