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As advertisers and agencies expand their reach into influencer marketing and the creator economy, they need to understand the nuances of working with creators. And as the creator economy grows, it’s more important than ever that data is collected directly from creators’ platforms.

There is tremendous value in getting first-party creator data directly from source platforms, especially with the accuracy, efficiency, and depth of the data that comes with it. Also, as platforms like Meta begin to restrict the scope of third-party scraping from their platforms, companies need to invest in first-party data infrastructure instead. 

Furthermore, since the data comes with the creator’s consent, it ensures compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws.

The first step towards collecting and accessing a creator’s data from their platforms is collecting their consent and the subsequent permissions.

However, one of the developers' most significant challenges in accessing first-party creator data is convincing creators to link their creator/social media accounts with the developer’s app. There are a few reasons for this -

  • Creators don’t usually know how their data is collected (via third-party data scrapers). This lack of transparency leads to mistrust.
  • Every creator connection on a developer’s app requires creator login/authentication.
  • Many platforms like YouTube show an explicit consent screen which requires multiple permissions to be granted
  • Other platforms, especially Instagram, have a tedious account connection process. To successfully connect an Instagram account with a platform -
    • The user should have an Instagram Business or Instagram Creator account.
    • The users should link their account to a Facebook Page.
    • In FB’s login flow for connecting to Instagram, the users should select the FB page linked to the Instagram account.
    • The users should provide consent to share the required data.

Due to such a complex flow, developers notice many drop-offs at this initial stage.

In some cases, even when users don’t meet all the requirements mentioned earlier, Facebook displays the account to be connected. However, in reality, it is not a successful connection, and streamlined data access becomes an issue.

How did Phyllo improve the creator account connection experience and rates?

Despite the many challenges, our customers at Phyllo see phenomenal success rates in creator account connections. 

We realized there are two main ways to solve the problem at hand -

  1. Make the log-in flow (via Facebook) easier. 
  2. Educate the users about the flow and requirements, and help them get through it smoothly.

Since the first proposed solution is outside our hands, we focused our entire attention on building the second proposed solution, i.e.) educating the users.

Today, Phyllo’s Connect Experience aims to inform creators about the process, help them log in to their accounts, and collect consent from them to share the required data.

Phyllo SDK improves the creator account connection experience and rates

The results?

A recent study on Phyllo’s connection success shows that every large creator platform (except Instagram) has a connection success rate greater than 90%. 

Meaning out of every 100 creators who start their account connection journey on any of the platforms by initiating the Phyllo SDK, more than 90 link their accounts successfully.

How did Phyllo simplify the creator account connection experience?

We see many reasons and macro-trends behind this -

Creator’s increasing acceptance of consented data and native apps

Today, creators understand the value of their data and want control over its usage. They know that sharing their data by linking their accounts with a native app is the cleanest and most efficient way to do this. 

Moreover, they know they can go back and revoke access anytime.

As the creator economy grows, so does the number of native apps. And hence, an app built over YouTube or Instagram, asking for a creator to authenticate their credentials, is not a new experience for them, but rather a familiar and reliable one.

Creators also understand that securely providing first-party data can help them run better and more successful brand collaboration campaigns.

In-built help guides in the Phyllo SDK

The Phyllo Connect SDK is a short flow in the developer application triggered when an account connection is initiated.

The SDK simplifies the account connection experience for creators. We provide in-app interactive guides, cues, and help options to improve the overall creator account connection experience without much friction.

For example, for complex account connection flows such as Instagram, our SDK guides the creator at every step to help them learn about the prerequisites.

Instagram account connection flow in Phyllo SDK
Instagram account connection flow in Phyllo SDK

For a more straightforward account connection flow, such as Twitter, Phyllo SDK guides the user to connect multiple accounts, see platform permissions, and more.

Twitter account connection flow in Phyllo SDK
Twitter account connection flow in Phyllo SDK

(To help stay consistent with the developer applications, the Phyllo SDK also has customization options like accent color customization, logo display, language preferences, and more).

Improved creator onboarding journeys

While we focus a lot on optimizing the creator account connection experience within our SDK, bringing creators to the Phyllo SDK with the right expectation and messaging can also contribute much toward connection success. 

Below is an excellent example of how developers have simplified messaging before the creators initiate their account connection.

Beacons provide gifs and illustrations to prepare creators before they initiate account connection journeys.

Try out the Phyllo API today!

Phyllo aims to be a catalyst in building your business in the creator economy. 

Phyllo helps simplify and package the process of creator data collection into a single easy-to-integrate API that provides you with an efficient creator economy data infrastructure.

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Hiba Fathima
Prod. Marketing @ Phyllo

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