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60% of marketers say influencer-generated posts consistently outperform branded posts and drive more engagement (Source). Consumers appreciate influencer-driven lifestyle content over brands' polished images and videos created by their team.

In the ongoing buzz around influencer marketing and the ever-growing brand's attraction toward influencers, one topic that receives little attention is the significance of creator data - both  authenticated and public. Today, brands cannot act in silos but need access to universal API data- that gives them all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Universal API

The importance of a Universal API for obtaining creator data 

Gone are the days when creators made content out of desire; most creators today have chosen it as a lucrative career path. Influencers and celebrities on social media platforms endorse products and services of different brands. They help brands to spread their message, share products and services images and reviews, share videos related to brand items, etc. Fans are always following these creators or influencers, which means they are improving your brand awareness, acquiring new customers, and driving sales. But how to ensure you are choosing the proper creator?

After you find a creator who aligns with your niche and has the right target audience, you must also ensure that the creator is genuine and has "real" followings. In such a lucrative industry, it is often easy to be misled by fake numbers- made of bot followers. 

An essential step in choosing the right creator is collecting and accessing their public and third-party data. But the challenge lies in getting this verified and often confidential information. 

Creators are often unsure how developers will collect their data and if there is an issue with data breach and confidentiality. Sometimes, they are not ready to provide login/authentication codes for connecting social media platforms on a developer's app, etc. Therefore, it is always good to look for trusted Universal APIs like Phyllo

Creative Juice wanted a streamlined account connection experience across multiple creator platforms for their creators. They also wanted to combine the power of their fintech offerings with creator stats, media kits, and more.

Phyllo used its universal API to power use cases such like :

  1. A single universal API pipe to streamline account connections across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch
  2. Instantly shareable media kits with a host of reputation and engagement information that creators can use to attract better brand deals
  3. Comprehensive social analytics that helps creators dig deeper into metrics like total fans, average engagement rates, best-performing platform, follower count, top posts, and much more
  4. Unification of creator analytics and media kits with core creator banking features to serve as an all-in-one fintech platform

Read the entire case study here.

Universal API for influencer marketing

Why do brands struggle to access creator data?

Finding the creator data is essential for brands and marketers. And if they don't, they're missing out on the opportunity that can lead to substantial growth. But, the problem is brands often struggle to get their hands on these creator data in an accessible format.

They don't know where to find the data

Finding data is difficult, especially when buried within an external platform. Most creators are active on multiple social media platforms, sharing content and engaging thousands of audiences. Tracking data from various platforms is only possible with proper tools or a Universal API. Consent is also a key issue when collecting data. 

They don't have the time and resources

Compiling all data of multiple creators from different sources is time taking, and brands don't have that much time to spend on such activities. Developers must create and manage separate APIs to find these data and get partial access to them. This fragmented information can lead to inconclusive inferences leading to not-so-successful campaigns and poor ROI.

Furthermore, integrating data from different social media platforms and maintaining compliance with their multiple regulations makes the data collection process cumbersome.

Interpretation of data is difficult

There are numerous social media platforms, each with USPs and data-tracking metrics. Sifting through tons of data can often pose a challenge. To run a successful campaign, brands need to make an informed decision, and analytics play an important role. 

But we need to understand marketers are not analysts. This is where a universal API platform like Phyllo can help.

Platforms covered with universal API

How Phyllo, a Universal API platform, helps with influencer marketing

Phyllo strikes the perfect balance between authenticated and public data. It is one of the leading products in the market that can track Instagram Stories with 100% accuracy, which forms 70% of Influencer content today, and is three times less costly to implement.

Phyllo can track nano influencers with less than 10k followers and derive accurate cost-per-reach and cost-per-impression numbers. Phyllo de-risk businesses with consented data and avoid any issue with platform compliance.

  1. Phyllo offers simple, scalable, and modular APIs for fetching creator data with the support of 50+ filters
  2. We source data from multiple providers and from creator databases of 200M+ (135M+ on Instagram)
  3. We allow content tracking and monitoring
  4. Phyllo has creator-approved data. Regulatory compliance is not an issue with us

How Phyllo is providing creator data through its Universal API ecosystem

At Phyllo, we solve the data fetching problems for influencer marketing platforms by offering a single API across multi-creator platforms, collecting data from these platforms, and providing access to consent-driven private data. Brands are getting better opportunities to fetch accurate data, effectively discover the right creators, analyze campaign performance, and make better marketing decisions.

Let's see how Phyllo is helping brands research creator data.

Product authentication with Phyllo

Developers can access the creator's consent-approved data directly from the source platforms via our Phyllo SDK. The Phyllo SDK gets triggered when a creator on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and more connects their social media account from the developer's app. The creators then enter their login credentials to give data consent, and the accounts get linked while the developer receives the relevant content data.

Creator identity with Phyllo

Phyllo uses native platform apps that ask creators to log in with their credentials and provide consent to data access. This data includes details from the creator's profile like username, name, profile image, description, and account type; reputation info like followers, following, and subscribers; and contact details.

Identify audience with Audience API

Phyllo helps developers understand the creator's audience and conversations and find their demographics.

Universal API to Calculate the creator's engagement

Developers get creators' engagement rates by tracking their content feed and engagement metrics.

You can also look into the users' comment feeds, fetching details on dates, likes, etc.

Find creator income with universal API

Phyllo allows developers to verify the creator's income and monetary transactions, identifying income, payouts, tax deducted at source, transaction description, and timestamps.

How does the Phyllo Universal API work?

Creator Search API

The API uses 50+ filters to search for creator profiles allowing easy and beneficial collaboration. 

Profile Analytics API

Phyllo API checks the selected influencers' profile and reputation metrics, including followers and subscriber counts, average views, likes, comments, engagement rate, top interests, hashtags, mentions, and look-alikes.


The rise of influencer marketing worldwide at a breakneck pace is making it harder for brands and marketers to find the right creators to fulfill their marketing objectives. Therefore, it is essential to spend time and resources fetching creators' data from multiple platforms and comparing them to find the right fit. However, with Phyllo, a universal API, you can easily access creator data, provide an efficient creator economy data infrastructure, and determine whom to choose that can meet your marketing goals.

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1. Which key platforms can be accessed with a Universal API for creators?

Some of the popular social media platforms accessed by brands include:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn, amongst others

2. What are the different types of influencer marketing campaigns created using Universal API?

  • Sponsored content
  • Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Ambassadors
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