Access Web2 reputation data for
Web3 creators

Your creator’s existing reputation might be on popular social media platforms. Phyllo helps you access their social media identity, reputation and engagement data to power interesting use cases for Web3-based creator platforms.

Use cases

Creator profile showcases

Give your NFT collectors and buyers the required social proof of the creator. Showcase every creator’s Web2 profile information such as their profile picture, reputation data and fan following using easy to implement APIs.

Creator verification

Verify any creator’s existing fans and followers to ensure that buyers are seeing the NFT/ Web3 assets from the creator who they love and not from an impersonator or a fraud.

Dynamic token pricing

Do your creators want to leverage their Web2 reputation to launch their social tokens? Phyllo gets you the engagement data on posts (likes, shares, reach, audience and more!) so you can price the tokens based on the popularity of the creator's content.

Know from our customer

“Phyllo helped us build faster and easier by abstracting away the various social media platform developer APIs. Phyllo powers our social analytics features allowing us to focus on product instead of infrastructure. They are constantly adding new functionality which enables us to drive more value to our end users.”

Neal Jean
Co-founder, Beacons

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