Build mind-blowing things with creator data, fasterrr

Phyllo is a data gateway that allows creator data to be accessed directly from source platforms.

Phyllo builds the underlying infrastructure that connects with every creator platform, maintains a live data feed to the systems used by these platforms to manage creators’ data, and provides a normalised data set so that businesses can use creators’ data in a simple yet impactful way.

Our Phyllosophy


To be the de-facto infra layer for creator economy.


Start small, scale big. Madly pursue excellence.


Empowering developers and creators to meet their full potential.

Developers should be able to build high-quality products and services without worrying about the source platforms and the constraints they present.

Our mission is to level the technological playing field for such developers, allowing them to focus on building things that creators find value in.

Building apps for influencer marketing or the creator economy?

Let’s level up your playing field.

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Our Backers

Instituitional Investors

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Individual Investors

Vaibhav Domkundwar
CEO & Founder, Better Capital
Nakul Gupta
Product, Coinbase
Utsav Somani
Founder, iSeed
Krishna Mehra
Director of Engineering, Meta
Phalgun Guduthur
Product Lead, Phyllo
Ankur Nagpal
Founder, Teachable
Matthew Brezina
Angel Investor
Aaryaman Vir
One of the top Substack Creator
Sima Gandhi
Cofounder & CEO, Creative Juice;
Ex-Head of BD & Strategy, Plaid

Meet the team  

People behind Phyllo - The Founding Team

Akhil Bhiwal

CEO, Co-Founder

Michael Lee


Ankur Aroroa


Arvind Gupta


Akash Mehta


Arushi Goel

Human Resource

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Whether you are the king of marketing or the queen of product or a jack of all trades, we are always looking out for passionate individuals to join our global team and drive us closer to our mission. If you’re wondering - we’re smart, purposefully driven, just the right amount of crazy, and mostly fun. 😃

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