Protect brand reputation. With AI-powered moderation.

Reduce the risk of off-brand content

One wrong post can cost you ~32% of your audience! Avoid this trap with our smart APIs that flag non-compliant, off-brand or morally questionable content across platforms.

Align with influencers & media partners

Perfect your content & value alignment with influencer and media partners. Prevent offensive content from tarnishing your image through real-time flagging & alerts.

Tap into GARM compliant content analysis

Monitor post, comments, reviews, and other public communication to keep your brand messaging clean and safe for all audiences. Ensure effortless GARM compliance.

With Phyllo, your brand safety gets an unfair advantage.

Your online reputation = our business. We strive to build features that impress.

Integration with all major platforms via API
Automatic scanning of text, images, video
Nudity, violence, hate speech detection
Customizable for brand blacklist
Near real-time infraction alerts
Detailed risk analysis reporting

Uncompromised brand safety—
no matter what your use-case

Avoiding PR

Shield your brand from damaging controversies and reputation crises.

Keeping socials 

Proactively monitor & mitigate negative social content.

Monitoring affiliate 

Track & address explicit, illegal, violent, incendiary, and politically charged content on partner sites.

Ensuring influencer

Analyze influencers' content, values, and audience demographics to ensure seamless brand alignment.

Why brands love Phyllo (and you will too)

"We sleep easy knowing Phyllo is protecting our brand 24/7.”
Product Hunt User
"We can focus on results while Phyllo focuses on brand safety.”
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Let’s make your brand an 
audience favourite!