Find your perfect match! Collaborate with influencers who align with your brand.

Vet influencers in minutes not weeks

Say goodbye to weeks of manual research. Phyllo’s powerful algorithms swiftly analyze influencers based on a range of factors such as the topics they talk about, their tone of voice, audience interests and more.

Assess brand, content, and value-fit easily

Get an immediate brand-fit score for each influencer to judge if their content & values align with those of your brand. Phyllo also ranks influencer profiles in order of relevance for easy decision-making.

Eliminate influencers with fake followers

Understand audience authenticity and make informed predictions about how sponsored content would be received. Ditch influencers with inflated follower counts & low engagement.

The secret sauce to ROI-first IM campaigns…

…yep, it’s Phyllo’s 360-degree brand-fit assessment

Other IM platforms
Automated API-powered influencer discovery
Custom filters based on content performance metrics
Instant brand-fit scores for each influencer-brand combination
Audience authenticity assessment
GARM compliant content analysis for brand safety

Discover brand-influencer fit without breaking your head over it.

Brand affinity score

Evaluate if the influencer’s values align with your brand values such as diversity, inclusion & others.

Content affinity score

Identify if the influencer’s content topics, tone of voice, and audience interests align with your brand’s content.

Safety score

Prevent offensive content from influencers from damaging your reputation by partnering only with trusted influencers.

Lookalike influencers

Find similar influencers to ones who statistically match your vibe, to expand your pool of partnerships.

Why brands love Phyllo (and you will too)

“It does make me rethink influencer marketing. Definitely worth giving it a shot.”
Head of Content at Fintech Company
I've literally worked with dozens of these platforms and (InsightIQ) is, by far, one of the best I've seen.”
Product Hunt User

Find the Jordan to your Nike.

Identify influencers who can radically expedite brand building, and offer