Demystifying Web 3 Jargon and a Look at Our New App Concept - Milestones NFT

We simplify some complicated jargon around Web3 and present our latest app concept - Milestones NFT, an app that rewards creators with NFTs for achieving social media milestones

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When I hear someone discussing NFTs, I get curious about the conversation. But throw in a couple of web3 jargons, and you've lost me! The thing is jargons are not bad; they help you seamlessly explain something to another person — especially those who have been in a similar space for long. However, when you are building a product or pitching an idea, using jargons is quite detrimental. If the opposite party doesn't understand what you are conveying, you might as well flush the idea down the drain instead of pitching it.

A quote I remember when someone overuses jargon. 👇

If you're building a product or content for creators, especially in the up-and-coming web3 space, watch out for the overly used jargon and make sure you don’t fall into the same trap.

What am I talking about?

Well, let’s dig deeper!

Creators and influencers, who aren't tech-savvy, are often deterred by the technical jargon in the web3 and NFT space. The industry is perceived as overly complex and difficult to understand, which creates a barrier to entry, making it challenging for individuals to participate. This fear of appearing ignorant or not comprehending the technical aspects is a significant concern for creators and influencers, causing many to avoid engaging with web3 and NFT technology altogether.

Let's take an example! 👇

When creators hear the term NFT, they may feel overwhelmed or clueless about how it works or can add value to their work. Similarly, when they hear phrases such as smart contract or blockchain, they may find the concepts too technical to comprehend and not worth exploring. Plus, the complexity and volatility of the cryptocurrency market also add to the feeling of uncertainty and intimidation. One cannot be sure if this newly-invented tech is a boon or a bane for their business, and my creator folks resonate pretty much the same.

The lack of practical application & real-life examples..

Makes it all the more difficult for creators to embrace the web3 space! The fact that many creators aren't aware of monetizing opportunities in NFTs adds to the list of challenges.

Although some creators do realize they can use NFTs as a creative currency — however, the technology isn't crafted for the mainstream audience. I've been studying the web3 space for a while now, and yet I haven't minted NFTs. After speaking to some of my product and marketing peers in the web3 world, I understood everyone is facing a similar concern.

Let's accept it — the tech is surely complicated, and solutions like OpenSea don't sound appealing. While companies like Thirdweb and Alchemy taking a serious crack at making web3 tech accessible for all, it's a story for another day.

Creator segment web3 companies are taking note of how to position their products better and acquire customers or creators more efficiently. Companies like Crowdpad and Passionfruit have recently garnered our attention for the friendly language used across their website and products.

This is what Suzana, the Marketing Head of Crowdpad, said. 👇

It's established that jargon is one of the significant hurdles that causes a sense of intimidation for creators to explore web3. The onus is on the industry to simplify the language and communicate with creators in a language that's more practical and offer use cases that make more sense.

Remember what Leonardo Da Vinci said? Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! 🔥

Now, that we’re talking

Aren’t you curious whether we’re applying our learnings? Well, we are! Allow us to introduce a web3 creator product we've been cooking!

Enter Milestone NFTs

Milestone NFTs is a platform where creators can get NFTs for their achievements in their creative journey. Imagine you (a creator) hit a 5OK follower milestone — we send you a Milestone NFT for the same. That’s it, it’s really that simple!

Having NFTs creates a lot of opportunities for creators to interact and celebrate their achievements with their audience. You can sell the NFT on marketplaces like OpenSea and fund your upcoming projects or give it away to your one true fan. Don’t worry there will be plenty of NFTs to giveaway, as you unlock more when you hit milestones. 🚀

Curious to know more? Catch a glimpse here.

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