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With 1 billion active users and an engagement rate five times higher than other social channels, TikTok has ushered in a new era where consumers increasingly spend their time watching short-form tailor-made videos. If you want your brand to be heard above the hubbub of local TikTok users, you have to let the locals speak on your behalf. Of all the social networks, influencer marketing on TikTok is particularly effective because it comes across more like a recommendation from a friend than as an advertisement. It instills trust in the viewer and makes them more likely to buy. However, influencer marketing on TikTok carries special weight because of the unique audience demographics that use TikTok and the culture they have created. 

Demographics are a key part of any marketing strategy as they help you identify the individual members of your audience by certain characteristics, wants, and needs. Demographic analysis is the first and easiest step in analyzing a business's customer base. It helps you understand the characteristics of the people who buy your product and services. As with all social media and influencer marketing, appealing to the right audience is the key to match your target market. With demographics data, you can see who your brand appeals to the most by age, location, and gender.

Why do you need TikTok demographics data?

The type of demographic data available on TikTok is incredibly accurate and precisely segmented, because of people’s willingness to constantly share and update vast amounts of information about themselves on TikTok. That makes finding the people most likely to want your products and services a lot easier and less expensive. This abundance of information means that businesses can now pinpoint the consumers they want to reach and no matter how niche the group you are targeting, TikTok allows you to locate them and then communicate with them through advertising. 

1. Understand your audience better

Whatever you put in front of your audience needs to resonate with them. When your audiences see what they are interested in and need, they are open to offers. The better you understand them, the easier it is to reach them. The audience expects you to speak their language and use visuals they can relate to. Understanding audience demographics can help you understand expectations, cultural and social context which impact consumer behavior and perception of your brand. 

2. Identify the influence of various demographic factors

Age influences cultural expectations, language preferences, and perception of a product/service. The age range of a market segment can offer clues into stage-of-life events that the audience may be experiencing, such as raising a family or preparing for retirement. Age can also indicate particular preferences and perceptions. Similarly, gender can reveal preferences and behavioral patterns. TikTok

3. Create your buyer personas

A buyer persona is a document containing as many educated guesses as possible about a fictional customer. Inspiration for your buyer personas often comes from an analysis of demographic data, where you can identify shared characteristics of your target clientele. 

4. More-effective targeting reduces ad costs

Marketers in all industries are able to use audience analysis to better understand the desires and pain points of their audiences. With these insights, marketers can craft highly specific messages and target segments on the platforms and channels that are most likely to reach them, focusing on high-value users. Understanding your audience composition in terms of gender and age lets you also understand the kinds of creative content you need to develop, the kinds of media buys you should make, and the kinds of audiences you need to develop for marketing campaigns.

5. Better insights increase customer engagement

Armed with demographic data, marketers can more effectively create content that resonates with each market segment they serve and deliver it at the most appropriate time based on each buyer’s journey and situational factors. Identifying which demographics are engaging with your profile, and engaging with your posts is extremely valuable and can help you in various ways. Improve your understanding of your audience - when you know who your audience is, you can better identify their needs, why they are engaging with your content, and how it can help them overcome their pain points. 

How to collect TikTok demographic data via Phyllo?

Phyllo is a data gateway to creator economy platforms. Using Phyllo, your users can grant access to their data within your app. The Audience API is an extension to Phyllo’s Identity API by which you can get access to the demographics information for a creator’s lifetime audience. Phyllo’s Audience API is easy to integrate through a simple client SDK and a server-side integration. 

Why connect to Phyllo?

  1. Phyllo complies with all relevant data protection legal requirements, including GDPR and CCPA. 
  2. Unlike direct API integration, the audience data you get via Phyllo is more holistic as you get to understand their engagement as well. 
  3. Phyllo collects data on a mass scale in real-time. Hence, you can free your team from day-to-day technical data extraction challenges. 
  4. The data you receive via Phyllo is deep and precise and offers an inexpensive route to your end market as the execution costs are very low. 

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Keerthika Sree S
Content at Phyllo

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