Product Updates: January & February 2023: SOC 2 Compliance, Data Platform, New Bubble Plugin, and More

January and February were a whirlwind at Phyllo with us becoming SOC 2 Type 1 compliant and huge product launches like our Data Platform & Bubble plug-ins, along with major improvements to our Developer Dashboard. P.S. get a sneak peak of our latest offering for influencer marketers, Creator Linkage!

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January and February were remarkable months at Phyllo. We've set the standard for customer data privacy with our SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, launched our amazing new Data Platform along with our Bubble Plug-ins and some nifty updates to our Developer Dashboard for a seamless experience. We’ve also extended our coverage by adding sandbox support for Spotify Podcasts! So let's dive in and check out these incredible updates: 

SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

At Phyllo, we understand how vital it is to keep our customers' information safe and secure. That's why we're excited to announce that we have achieved SOC2 Type 1 compliance, a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to data privacy and security. By getting SOC2 Type 1 compliance, an industry-standard for information security management, we have implemented the necessary security controls and processes to safeguard our customers' data from unauthorized access, theft, and other potential security threats.

Robust New Data Platform

Already have existing integrations with different social platforms and don’t want to ask your users to reconnect their accounts? Worry not, Phyllo’s got you covered! Save 70% engineering bandwidth and resources allocated to creator data connections with Phyllo's new Data Platform! Use your own registered keys to seamlessly capture creator data from 10+ major platforms while relying on Phyllo's battle-tested infrastructure. Effortlessly migrate existing users & data and provide a fully whitelabelled connection experience. Check out more details on the Data Platform here.

Public Release of our Bubble Plug-ins

To truly empower the creator economy, we have forged a partnership with Bubble, to launch innovative plug-ins for seamless access to creator data, which is often scattered across a multitude of social media platforms. With no coding required, our plugins provide a single, comprehensive source of creator data to tap into. After receiving invaluable feedback from our beta launch, we have fine-tuned the user experience to ensure it is nothing short of exceptional. Head over to our Bubble plugin guide to start building the perfect creator-focused app today.

Updates to Developer Dashboard

In an effort to provide a cohesive developer experience, we have implemented a new feature that streamlines the key request process. Production keys can now be directly requested and accessed after approval from the Developer dashboard, alongside sandbox and staging. This enables developers to easily access the tools they need at every stage of the development process, and provides greater transparency and control over their products. Sign up for Phyllo to try the feature for yourself!

Request Production Access from the Developer Dashboard

Twitter Parser Public Library

Introducing our latest library that simplifies accessing Twitter user data! No more challenges in parsing and structuring downloaded zip files. Our library offers a seamless solution by organizing tweet and engagement information into a consumable format, directly accessible for building any business use case. With this library, accessing and utilizing Twitter data has never been easier. Check it out now and see how it revolutionizes your data management experience!

Spotify Podcasts Support Now Available

Our platform coverage just got bigger with the addition of Spotify Podcasts. We've introduced Sandbox support for accessing creator identity data from Spotify Podcasts through the Identity API. Check out our full data guide for a platform-wise list of supported products and data attributes. 

Phyllo Platform Coverage

We hope these exciting updates bring you one step closer to achieving success with Phyllo. Stay tuned for March as we have another packed and productive month ahead! 

Launch alert: We’re happy to bring you a sneak peak of Creator Linkage - our revolutionary new solution to manage creator account connections. With this feature, you can invite a list of creators through email to connect their accounts via Phyllo. Once the connection is completed, our authenticated APIs will fetch the creator’s profile, content metrics and audience metrics seamlessly on the Phyllo Developer Dashboard. It’s as simple as that, you do not have to go through the complete cycle of integrating our APIs with your front end. We directly give you the ready-made user interface! Watch this space for more updates.

As always, sign up for a demo here if you have any questions on these features or want to understand Phyllo better.

Adarsh Agarwal

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