Product Updates November & December 2022: Publish API, Bubble Plug-ins, Staging Environment, and More

The past 2 months have been action-packed with the launch of 2 noteworthy products- the Publish API and our Bubble plug-in; along with a brand new staging environment, a quick start guide on the Developer dashboard and new platform integrations.

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November, December and January were filled with a myriad of new product updates and launches. We launched our Publish API for TikTok and ventured into no-code with our beta Bubble plug-ins. On the developer experience front, we debuted a new staging environment and a quick start guide on the Developer Dashboard. With regards to coverage, we've launched sandbox support for two new gaming platforms - AfreecaTV and Trovo. Let's dive deeper into these updates:

Brand New Offering - Publish API

We’re elated to announce our breakthrough new product, Publish. It gives you the ability to post content directly from your apps onto the original creator platforms - enabling you to integrate your apps seamlessly with the content creation process and allowing for a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Let us take care of all the behind-the-scenes complexities while saving your creators from wasting their time with manual uploads or missing out on opportunities for increased reach and engagement.

Phyllo Bubble Plug-ins

With many creator-focused products founded either by creators or by people who are well-versed in servicing creative demands, we recognized they might not be the best individuals to write code and build a product. In order to empower these founders, we ventured into the world of no-code with the beta version of two Bubble plug-ins: Web SDK (Pop up) & Data Access (API Calls), enabling no code developers to allow creators to connect their accounts and retrieve their Identity, Engagement and Income data. Check out our guide on Integrating Phyllo with Bubble to know more!

New Staging Environment

We understand that developers need to test their integrations with real data without going live or impacting their production setup - something in between a sandbox and a production environment. As a result, we've created a staging environment to help you in integrating with real data, running internal tests or pipelines, creating PoCs/prototypes and much more with restricted access to live data.

New Staging Environment

Quick Start Guide on The Developer Dashboard

In order to make integration with Phyllo as fast and easy as possible, we’ve introduced a nifty guide to the Phyllo Developer dashboard to assist you. You can now see the steps involved in integrating the Phyllo SDK along with code snippets to help you navigate the process with ease. It also facilitates speedy integration with the Phyllo SDK so that you may go through the exact account connection process as a user would. Sign up for Phyllo and see the Quick Start Guide in action! 

Quick Start Guide on Phyllo's Developer Dashboard

New Platform Coverage

Two new streaming platforms were added to our ever-expanding platform coverage. We introduced Sandbox support for the Korean streaming service, AfreecaTV and the Chinese live-streaming platform, Trovo. Get access to creator data for both these platforms through our Identity and Engagement API. Check out our full data guide for a platform-wise list of supported products and data attributes.

Phyllo Platform Coverage

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been nominated by Product Hunt for the Golden Kitty Awards 2022. If you love what we’re building to empower the creator economy, do show support by voting for Phyllo

We couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2023 and are extremely excited for all that we have in store for you in the coming months. Sign up for Phyllo here and let us know your feedback on all these updates!

Adarsh Agarwal
Prod. Marketing @ Phyllo

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