Modash Vs. HypeAuditor: A Detailed Comparison

This article provides a thorough comparison between Modash and HypeAuditor, two leading influencer marketing platforms. By analyzing features, pricing, user experience, and effectiveness, readers gain insights to make informed decisions for their influencer marketing strategies. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or new to influencer collaboration, this comparison offers valuable guidance.

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Do you know nearly 49% of consumers admitted to making purchases based on influencer recommendations? No doubt why businesses mint $6.50 profit against every $1 spent on influencer marketing. In this regard, Influencer marketing platforms are getting highly popular as they help in automating and streamlining a lot of mundane tasks for businesses. Amongst all such tools, HypeAuditor and Modash are two popular names that often intrigue users for their cutting-edge features and ease of use. Both are all-in-one marketing tools but a close analysis lays out important differences. Before diving into the differences let’s take a look at the common features where both tools score equal. 

Three Common Core Features of Modash and HypeAuditor 


Both Modash and HypeAuditor offer robust influencer discovery features. You can look for your ideal niche influencer(s) across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Twitch. There are demographic filters to break down creators from different countries, cities, age and gender. Both tools also allow you to filter influencers as per engagement rate, bio keywords, hashtags, growth rate, etc. You can apply filters for the audience as well. It helps you find influencers with your target audience filtered by location, demographics, languages, and interests. 


Both tools offer in-depth audience insights by boasting a vast influencer database. Their robust analytics dashboard presents minute details with brilliant UX to help you make a quick decision. For instance, Modash influencer analytics dashboard shows influencer performance metrics like engagement rate, fake follower rate and paid post performance for all potential creators at one place. 

Source: Modash

Similarly, HypeAuditor influencer vetting process gets equally reliable because of its in-depth AI-powered analytics. For instance, HypeAuditor makes use of a sophisticated machine learning model that runs every creator profile through 53 patterns to detect fake followers and cross-check engagement authenticity. 

Source: Modash


HypeAuditor Influencer Relationship Management tool to help you with campaign organisation, contract processing, and more. You can share the centralised influencer database with your team so that everyone works without any communication gap. Track performance of all your influencers and contact them from the HypeAuditor dashboard with multiple modes of communication. 

On the other hand, Modash also provides advanced influencer management features just like HypeAuditor. You can build unlimited lists, add team members, share notes, add labels, contact influencers, etc., from a single dashboard. 

Comparing Pricing and Trial of HypeAuditor and Modash

Modash has a very scalable pricing structure with monthly plans starting from $120 per month. On the other hand, HypeAuditor has a very high starting package of $299. However, unlike Modash, HypeAuditor has not mentioned clearly about its pricing on the official website. Rather, they prefer to share the pricing quote with you on request. 

Just to let you know, both tools offer free trial to help you choose the best influencer marketing platform

Now, to make a fair comparison, we have selected the Modash Performance package ($299) against the HypeAuditor essentials ($299). The table below shows features that both platforms provide at the same price. 

Features That HypeAuditor Offers But Modash Doesn’t 

Brand Mentions 

This is a unique feature that allows you to check a list of brands your potential influencer has mentioned in the caption of their posts within the last 180 days. This feature has many benefits. First, you can find influencers with brand affinity close to yours. Second, this feature allows you to assess potential overlap with your competitors to adjust your campaign strategy accordingly. Third, you can also gauge the effectiveness of those brand mentions-how the audience is responding to brand mentions.  

Zapier Integration 

HypeAuditor provides in-built Zapier integration which is absent in Modash. For those who do not know, Zapier is a web tool that you can use to automate workflows between different online applications and services with zero coding. For instance, you can use Zapier to integrate Hypeauditor with Slack and Google Sheets. When you add names of influencers on Slack, the Google Sheets will get auto populated with their reports. With Zapier, you can also connect Hypeauditor with major ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. It helps marketing agencies and in-house specialists with creating and tracking influencer campaigns, streamlining influencer data, syncing gathered campaign data with BI platforms and more. 

The best part is that HypeAuditor has provided pre-made integrations for users to get started with various tasks automation right away. All you have to do is to sign up for Zapier, select the pre-made integration you want to use, connect to supporting apps and automate tasks for a smooth data flow. 

Unlike in HypeAuditor, Modash does not come with in-built Zapier integration. You can connect Zapier chrome extension and Modash to automate workflow. 

Agency Support

HypeAuditor is an ideal bet for small to medium agencies looking to manage their marketing hassles with ease. 

As HypeAuditor is a SaaS based platform, it has in-built agency support. The platform offers a suite of analytics, planning and reporting tools to help agencies manage campaigns of multiple clients from a single dashboard. 

Some of the leading agencies using HypeAuditor services are: 

  • BBDO
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Wunderman Thompson
  • Dentsu 
  • Havas Media 

HypeAuditor can help agencies automate the following tasks: 

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Influencer search
  • Social media management 
  • Influencer data analysis
  • Media Planning for campaign performance estimation
  • Influencer outreach
  • Campaign performance monitoring 
  • Influencer gifting 

One of the best benefits for agencies is that they can automate many of their mundane tasks involved in influencer marketing campaigns using HypeAuditor. It can save agencies a great amount of time and provide an ease of sharing campaign reports with their clients with a few clicks. 

However, one downside is that HypeAuditor does not offer one on one support for agencies. You have to make your best judgement to use the tool to your advantage. 

Free Tools 

HypeAuditor provides a lot of free influencer marketing tools that help in planning and detecting quality social accounts. You will get more than 40 free tools to make your job easy. The best part is that they have free tools for every influencer marketing platform you could imagine. That said, you will find dedicated free tools for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. 

Here are some of the highly useful free tools available on HypeAuditor: 

  • Instagram Engagement Calculator 
  • Instagram Audit & Fake follower check
  • Search YouTube influencers in your niche
  • Free Youtube Look Alike Finder
  • TikTok Account Quality Checker
  • TikTok Money Calculator
  • Twitch Channels Comparison
  • Twitch Follower Count Tracker
  • Twitter Accounts Comparison
  • Twitter Follower-to-Following Ratio Calculator

But, just to remind you, these free tools come with limited functionalities. You should not expect an in depth performance. You have to take the subscription to unlock additional features. 

We tried to test their free ‘Instagram Audit & Fake Follower Check’ tool. We checked it for a random food vlogger, from Instagram and the tool returned the following results. 

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The tool showed audience quality score, number of followers and engagement rate. But if you want to hire that influencer, you need additional data like audience demographics, age, gender, fake followers check, etc. In order to unlock those features, the platform asks for the premium subscription. 

Media Plans for Influencer Marketing 

HypeAuditor, a powerful Modash alternative, offers branded presentation-ready media planning features for successful campaign management. Under the media plan settings, you can add influencers, specify target audience, set the budget, and even add your logo to make it a very visually appealing one. 

It can act as a common collaboration ground for your entire team. You can add team members, leave comments for everyone to see and work around the campaign better. 

HypeAuditor Media Plan also saves your time on estimating ROIs for all creators with respect to different key campaign KPIs. For instance, the Media Plan dashboard will display the average number of likes, comments and engagement your sponsored posts can get per each shortlisted creator. 

Features That Modash Offers But HypeAuditor Doesn’t 

A Vast Influencer Database 

When it comes to the influencer database, Modash boasts about harvesting the largest database of creators (200M+ profiles) against HypeAuditor’s 129.6M+ capacity. Though the HypeAuditor creator database is enough to scale your influencer marketing, the moment you start applying filters, you are left with too few creators. In this regard, Modash claims that it has the list of every creator on the planet with 1k+ followers to give you more choices to find your ideal niche influencer. 

Influencer Invoice Management 

The Modash Transactions feature is highly useful for managing invoices and auto payments of multiple influencers with ease. Modash allows you to pay influencers directly into their bank account while HypeAuditor only allows PayPal payments. Also, there is no invoice management system in HypeAuditor, unlike in Modash, that can automatically onboard creators, manage their invoices and roll out payments as per tax compliance. 

PayPal payments might take one day to reflect in the bank account. So, if you’re using HypeAuditor, your creators might have to bear a little bit of delay and pay a cut to the platform on every transaction. However, Modash makes sure to approve invoices and pay creators without any delay. 

Additionally, Modash can also act as your super vendor who will pay your other vendors on your behalf and charge one bill at the month end. This Vendor as a Service (VaaS) model aids big agencies who need their finance team to process multiple invoices in a month for influencer marketing. They can only handle Modash invoices and get rid of handling individual payments, tax compliances and bank management. 

No Influencer Authentication Required 

Influencer marketing thrives on real-time insights. In this regard, both Modash and HypeAuditor are great. However, one of the major roadblocks that often disrupts the smooth flow is the task of influencer authentication. And, that’s where Modash takes the winning shot. 

HypeAuditor requires creators to login and grant access to their accounts. This can be particularly frustrating for large-scale campaigns. Plus, you have to wait for creators to complete the signup process. This authentication adds additional steps to the campaign set up process. 

However, Modash provides authentication-free access. You don’t need your creators to sign up to Modash for you to be able to fetch their audience and performance data. Modash can do that for you without reaching out to creators. You can easily track their posts, including Stories, without asking them to authenticate. 

Modash Vs HypeAuditor: Which One to Choose?

As of now, you must have understood which tool has all ideal features to meet your influencer marketing efforts. Here is the bottom line: 

Choose Modash if: 

  • You want to leverage a lager pool of creators database 
  • You need influencer invoice management 
  • You want to fetch creator performance without requiring their authentication 
  • You need a low budget tool to get started with influencer management 

Choose HypeAuditor if: 

  • You need in-built zapier integration capabilities to add other workflow apps with your influencer management system 
  • You want to shortlist creators by brand mentions 
  • You need an agency support to manage your influencer campaigns 

The Better Alternative: Phyllo 

Phyllo is a comprehensive influencer marketing API platform, with a wide range of features for influencer discovery, analytics, tracking, content management, influencer relationship management, and more. With a database accommodating over 250 million creators and seamless integration with 20+ social media platforms, Phyllo stands as a powerful influencer marketing tool. Moreover, it can easily track creator and campaign data across 100+ data points.

What sets Phyllo apart is its universal API, which directly sources creator data from respective social media platforms. This eliminates the need for developers to create, manage, and maintain multiple APIs, offering significant time and cost savings as businesses expand across various social media platforms.

Phyllo further enhances its utility with 50+ search filters and metrics. These include creator and audience lookalikes, brand affinities, credibility scores, content reach, impressions, and more. This extensive toolkit empowers businesses to pinpoint the perfect influencers from their Creator Catalogue, streamlining their influencer marketing efforts.

Phyllo sets its influencer tracking threshold at less than 1,000 social media followers, making it an ideal choice for brands seeking partnerships with nano-influencers.

Key Features:

  • Instantly onboard influencers from any social media network without manual intervention
  • Group influencers based on their market for brand collaborations and affiliate marketing
  • Monitor the real-time effectiveness of ads using key performance indicators like follower numbers, engagement rates, ROI, and more
  • Assess the effectiveness of content in paid and sponsored posts across various social media platforms
  • Facilitate streamlined communication with creators once they grant access to their data via the Phyllo Connect SDK


To know pricing for Phyllo, request a demo and ask for a custom quote.

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