Snapchat API: Developer Guide on How to Integrate Snapchat API

In this article, we explore the Snapchat API, which allows developers to integrate Snapchat features into their apps. Key components include Snap Kit (with Login, Creative, Bitmoji, Story, and Ad Kits), Lens Studio API for AR experiences, and the Marketing API for ad campaigns. We discuss common challenges like rate limits and complexity and provide a step-by-step integration guide.

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Snapchat, launched in 2011, has evolved into one of the leading multimedia messaging apps globally, known for its innovative approach to social media and communication. With over 375 million daily active users as of 2024, Snapchat has become a powerhouse in the social media industry, particularly among younger demographics. The app's unique features, such as disappearing messages, Stories, and augmented reality (AR) lenses, have set it apart from competitors and fostered a highly engaged user base. 

In addition to its core functionalities, Snapchat offers a range of APIs through its Snap Kit, Lens Studio, and Marketing API, allowing developers to integrate Snapchat's features into their own applications. These APIs enable functionalities like Snapchat login, content sharing, Bitmoji integration, AR experiences, and advertising, providing extensive opportunities for app enhancement and user engagement.

In this article, we'll be talking all about Snapchat API.

What is Snapchat API?

The Snapchat API is a set of tools and services provided by Snap Inc. that allows developers to integrate Snapchat's features into their applications and services. Here are some key aspects of the Snapchat API:

  1. Snap Kit: This is the main API suite provided by Snapchat, and it includes several components:
  • Login Kit: Allows users to log into your app using their Snapchat credentials.
  • Creative Kit: Enables users to share content from your app directly to their Snapchat stories or with friends.
  • Bitmoji Kit: Integrates Bitmoji stickers into your app, allowing users to personalize their experience with their Bitmoji avatars.
  • Story Kit: This lets you embed publicly shared Snapchat Stories into your app, providing a way to show user-generated content.
  • Ad Kit: Helps monetize your app by integrating Snapchat's ad platform.
  1. Lens Studio API: This API allows developers to create augmented reality (AR) experiences for Snapchat. It includes tools for designing, building, and deploying AR lenses that users can interact with on the Snapchat app.
  2. Marketing API: Snapchat's Marketing API is used for creating, managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns on Snapchat. This includes tools for targeting, bidding, and tracking ad performance.
  3. Developer Portal: The Developer Portal is where developers can manage their API keys, access documentation, and get support for using the various Snapchat APIs.

These APIs provide powerful tools for integrating Snapchat's social features and AR capabilities into other applications, enabling richer and more engaging user experiences.

Does Snapchat Have a Public API?

Yes, Snapchat offers public APIs through Snap Kit, Lens Studio API, and the Marketing API. These APIs are available to developers who want to enhance their applications with Snapchat’s features. The public nature of these APIs means that developers can easily access and integrate them, provided they comply with Snapchat’s terms of service and usage guidelines.

Understanding Snapchat API Endpoints

Snapchat API endpoints are specific paths that developers use to interact with Snapchat’s features. Each component of the Snapchat API has its own set of endpoints:

  • Login Kit Endpoints: Used for user authentication and accessing user information.
  • Creative Kit Endpoints: Enable content sharing to Snapchat.
  • Bitmoji Kit Endpoints: Provide access to Bitmoji avatars.
  • Story Kit Endpoints: Allow embedding of Snapchat Stories.
  • Ad Kit Endpoints: Facilitate ad integration and management.

Understanding and correctly implementing these endpoints is crucial for a smooth integration of Snapchat’s features into any application.

Common Challenges with Free Snapchat API

While Snapchat’s API provides robust functionalities, developers may encounter several challenges when using the free API:

Rate Limits: Free API usage is often subject to rate limits, restricting the number of requests an app can make in a given time frame.

Complexity: Integrating multiple components (e.g., Login Kit, Creative Kit) can be complex and require significant development effort.

Documentation and Support: Navigating the documentation and troubleshooting issues without extensive support can be challenging for developers, especially those new to Snapchat’s ecosystem.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating Snapchat API

Integrating the Snapchat API into your app involves several steps:

Step 1: Sign Up on the Snapchat Developer Portal:

Create an account and register your app to obtain API keys.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Snap Kit Components:

Decide which components (Login Kit, Creative Kit, etc.) are relevant to your app.

Step 3: Access the API Documentation:

Review the detailed guides and endpoints for the components you plan to use.

Step 4: Integrate the SDK:

Download and integrate the Snap Kit SDK into your app.

Step 5: Implement the Endpoints:

Use the provided endpoints to add functionality like user login, content sharing, and Bitmoji integration.

Step 6: Test Thoroughly:

Ensure that all integrated features work as expected through comprehensive testing.

Step 7: Monitor and Optimize:

After deployment, monitor the usage and performance of the Snapchat features within your app and make necessary optimizations.

Additional Considerations:

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How Phyllo Helps Overcome Snapchat API Challenges

Phyllo, a universal API for creator data, can significantly ease the process of integrating and managing Snapchat’s API. Here’s how Phyllo can help:

  • Unified API Interface: Phyllo provides a single interface to access data across multiple social platforms, including Snapchat, simplifying integration.
  • Rate Limit Management: By aggregating data requests, Phyllo helps manage and optimize API rate limits.
  • Enhanced Support and Documentation: Phyllo offers comprehensive support and detailed documentation, making it easier to navigate and troubleshoot Snapchat API integrations.
  • Real-Time Data Tracking: Phyllo allows real-time tracking of influencer and user data across platforms, providing valuable insights and analytics.


Integrating Snapchat’s API can transform your app by adding powerful social and AR features that drive engagement and user retention. While there are challenges associated with using the free Snapchat API, tools like Phyllo can streamline the integration process, offering enhanced support and functionality. By leveraging Snapchat’s API and Phyllo’s capabilities, developers can create dynamic and engaging user experiences that stand out in the competitive app market.

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