TikTok Influencer Marketing: Benefits, Strategies & Stats

TikTok influencer marketing is the quickest way of drawing the target audience towards your brand. But unless you know how to plan your TikTok influencer campaign, you can’t reap the full benefits of this influencer marketing hub. This article will briefly discuss the essentials involved in a TikTok campaign to give you the full benefits of social media marketing.

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TikTok is the second biggest social media platform after Instagram, with a projected growth rate of 20% for brands in 2023. That’s why businesses prefer TikTok for marketing their products and services to gain quick attention. But, amongst all alternative ways of marketing, TikTok influencer marketing is the quickest way of drawing the target audience towards your brand. But unless you know how to plan your TikTok influencer campaign, you can’t reap the full benefits of this influencer marketing hub. This article will briefly discuss the essentials involved in a TikTok campaign to give you the full benefits of social media marketing. 

TikTok Influencer Marketing Statistics: Demographics and Engagement Rates

TikTok's worldwide dominance and high engagement rates present promising marketing opportunities for brands to reach desired audiences. Some key statistics below demonstrate TikTok's growth and engagement level very well:

Age demographics of TikTok Users in millions (M)

  • 18-24 years: 419.9 M
  • 25-34 years: 354.8 M
  • 35-44 years: 170 M
  • 45-54 years: 87.3 M 
  • 55 above: 60.1M 

Out of these users, 55.3% are female, and 44.7% are male. 

Source: Shopify

The following table shows the number of active TikTok users by country. 


Active Users 

(in millions)



















Saudi Arabia 


Source: Influencity

How long does TikTok keep users engaged? 

Well, you will be surprised to know that the TikTok app accounts for 32% of users’ social media time, way more than 20% of Instagram and Facebook. As per this report, a user spends 55.8 minutes on average daily creating or watching TikTok videos.  

Now, let’s talk about the benefits TikTok offers for influencer marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of using TikTok influencer marketing for businesses 

TikTok influencer marketing allows businesses to connect with a targeted audience at a profitable engagement rate to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Let’s discuss these benefits one by one. 

Brand Building 

When you get genuine or authentic customers to believe in your product, you call it brand building. TikTok influencers bridge the gap between you and your target audience. They create supporting content with strong reasons to boost your brand’s own authenticity. They bring your potential customers closer to your brand and fuel loyalty and retention with their influence. What used to take years for brands a decade ago can be done in a year with the creative freedom of the right TikTok influencers. That’s why going for influencer partners whose messaging aligns with your brand mission is imperative.

High engagement rate 

Influencers tend to have more audience engagement than brands. They build this trust with their audience through years of effort and quality content. So, when they recommend your brand, users will check if the marketing USPs meet their needs. That said, you can rest assured of a high engagement. 

Source: similarweb.com

Easy push sales 

Influencers find it easy to push viewers for that first sale of your products. Thanks to popular trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, users feel tempted to make influential purchases. You can say viewers scroll TikTok with a partially convinced mindset to buy something they find socially attractive. And if they see your product being used by their favorite influencers, they just need a little push to buy it.

Types of TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaigns 200

Let’s discuss five significant types of campaigns you can go with to meet your marketing objectives. 

Product placement: Here, you add your product to your influencer's content. This is helpful if you want to show the audience your product features and applications. 

Hashtag Challenge: Your influencer creates a hashtag in line with your brand image and encourages followers to participate. If it successfully creates a ripple effect, your brand can quickly gain huge popularity in a fun and interactive way. 

Brand takeover: Influencers take over your brand's TikTok account to organically attract their audience to your brand. 

Sponsored content: Influencers create content targeting your brand promotion while delivering high value to their audience. 

Educational content: Here, influencers create how-to guides or educational videos to promote your product or service indirectly.

Collaborative series: This is a long-term strategy to engage influencers to create promotional content for your branding from time to time. 

How to Find the Right Tiktok Influencers for Your Brand 200 

Most people wonder if they can find the right influencer to market their product or service. You will be surprised that there are over 100,000 TikTok influencers from the United States alone. So, irrespective of your business niche, you can definitely get influencers for your brand, but you must know how to find the right one. In this regard, here are some tips to optimize your efforts: 

Decide your niche

Determine the niche and subculture of your business before going for influencer partnerships. Subcultures represent micro-niche audiences with their own hashtag and niche content, like #CarTok (for car lovers), #BabyTok (for baby lovers), or #FitTok (for fitness enthusiasts). Explore such hashtags that are useful for your brand and look for influencers within those subcultures. 

Use Right Keywords

Gen Z prefers TikTok two times over a search engine. Use TikTok’s search feature to look for content, influencers, and hashtags for your business with related keywords. If you find any promising influencers, reach out to them for influencer campaigns.

Leverage Popular Hashtags

Look for your competitors' trending and branded hashtags to find the right influencers. There are a few different ways to discover new hashtags. On the ‘For You’ page, analyze the hashtags used with recurring tags. Click on them to discover many more content leveraging the same hashtags. Also, check hashtags used in content trending under the “You may like” heading of your TikTok search bar to find the right influencers. Even ideal nano influencers (1k-10k followers) can offer you the required push than mega influencers (1M+ followers) with a broad audience. 

Best Practices to setup Tiktok Influencer Marketing Campaign 

Here are some best practices to leverage the full benefit of your TikTok influencer marketing campaign. 

Decide your target audience

First, understand whom you want to target for marketing. Marketing SEO course to the audience of a beauty influencer would yield only a partial result. So, narrow down your audience according to your desired age, interests, and behavior traits. 

Choose the right influencer

Look for influencers with target audiences per your desired filters discussed in the last step. Follower count does not matter; level of engagement and quality of content do. Even a nano influencer can yield desired results with creative content ideas. 

Set clear objectives and KPIs

Be absolutely clear about what you want out of this campaign: brand awareness, sales, audience engagement, or anything else. This will help the influencer create the right content and measure the success rate through correct metrics. 

Go with trends and challenges 

Utilize current TikTok trends and challenges to drive more traffic and engagement in less time. That said, instruct your influencer to run the content strategy through you before moving ahead with production to avoid odd surprises later. 

Track and analyze performance

Continuously monitor campaign performance and adjust strategies as needed. You can gain access to your influencer's TikTok analytics through a Universal API to gather insights and refine future campaigns for better results. Let’s discuss this more in the next section.

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TikTok Influencer Marketing Platforms 

The best way to streamline your TikTok influencer marketing process is to leverage influencer marketing software like Phyllo. You can leverage Phyllo for more benefits if you know how to use TikTok API. With an ideal influencer marketing platform, you can make data-driven decisions for your entire TikTok influencer marketing with the right influencers, communication tools, and useful data.

Phyllo empowers you to access real-time statistics with regular notifications through Webhooks to monitor any change in engagement metrics. To further offer ease of use to creators, Phyllo offers Connect SDK for easy integration and disintegration. 

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TikTok Influencer Marketing Examples 

Regarding the TikTok influencer marketing case study, these brands are pillars of inspiration. 

  1. Aerie

Aerie's TikTok account is focused on the clothing niche. But the X-factor is to inspire people of all shapes and sizes for a comfortable-attire fashion. The brand started #AerieRealPositivity hashtag campaign by an influencer with 51.5 million followers. Within two weeks, the hashtag went viral to bring Aerie 17,400+ followers with 138,000 views in a single day. 

Image Source

2. Supergoop

Supergoop, a skincare brand, has its own trending brand hashtag (#supergoop) with a whopping 640.9 M views. The brand partnered with niche influencers promoting sunscreen protection to gain 1.8 M likes on its official TikTok page with ease. Viewers watching their favorite influencers using Supergoop sunscreen feel safe to try the product, and that’s how the brand got its initial customers and converted them into recurring sales through quality products. 

3. Walmart

Do you know Walmart is one of the first retailers to leverage TikTok for brand building and sales? The popular hashtag #GotItAtWalmart successfully influenced millions of customers to share their Walmart experience to influence others. It also started a back-to-college (niche campaign) where influencers share their experience with everything they purchased from Walmart for their college dorms. 


TikTok is one of the best social media platforms for brands for influencer marketing. When you TikTok influencer campaigns through ideal influencers who influence your target audience, you win half the battle. The remaining 50% can be taken care of with highly engaging content with the right strategy (ex. Using a branded hashtag) to gain quick success. Also, never forget to take reference to successful TikTok campaigns to optimize your strategy better and avoid costly mistakes with ease. Lastly, it is important to track and analyze the performance of your TikTok influencer marketing work with a universal API like Phyllo to plan your future campaigns better. 

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What Is TikTok Influencer Marketing?

TikTok influencer marketing is all about collaborating with popular influencers to promote your product or service. Influencers produce creative content to promote your product/service in front of their large follower base to give your brand quick visibility. The more targeted audience the influencer has, the better. 

How Much Do TikTok Influencers Charge?

TikTok influencer marketing pricing depends upon a lot of factors. It may vary based on their follower count, engagement rate, and content quality. Micro and nano influencers might charge a few hundred dollars per post. But top influencers with millions of followers might demand tens of thousands per promotion. 

What type of content is best for TikTok?

Irrespective of the content type, it must be highly engaging and valuable for the audience. The more you can get creative and entertaining with your posts, the better the engagement rate. Nevertheless, content on popular trends, music, humor, or product unboxing can fetch you good results. 

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