Product Updates September 2022: Revamped YouTube Permissions, AdSense Integration and More

It was a packed September at Phyllo with the rollout of several important product updates including a revamped YouTube permission set, Google AdSense integration for the Income API, and more.

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After a packed July and August, Phyllo continued to make rapid strides in September too with several important product updates. This month saw some major tweaks to our YouTube connection flow and the launches of our AdSense, Facebook Shops and Spotify integrations. Previous updates like the new popup flow on the Connect SDK, the Audience API and the Developer Dashboard received a lot of love from our existing customers and caught the attention of many new prospects. Let’s now delve deeper into all the changes in September.

Revamped YouTube Permissions

Our YouTube integration now has a much more streamlined connection flow. We listened to your feedback and have refined it to work with a reduced permission set while still giving you access to all the relevant data points across our five products - Identity, Engagement, Audience, Income, and Comments. As a result of the reduced permissions, onboarding new creators with Phyllo is going to be much easier for your app. It’ll also help garner creator trust faster as they get clear and concise information on all the required permissions without excessive text or technicalities. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the old and new YouTube permission set.

YT Permission Sets Phyllo
Old and New YouTube Permission Sets

Google AdSense Available on Production

Last month, our Income API was launched for YouTube which allowed developers to easily fetch the income history of a YouTube creator. But, YouTubers also earn income through the ads that are displayed in their videos via Google AdSense. Now, with Income API support for Google AdSense, you can get a complete picture of income (subscription and ad revenue) through both the YouTube and AdSense accounts of your creators using Phyllo. This can help drive unique, cutting-edge products like lending based on ad revenue, cash advances for creators, and the like. Do try this new integration and let us know what you think!

New Platform Coverage

There were two exciting additions to our ever-increasing platform coverage. We’ve added support for Facebook Shops and Spotify for Podcasters to our sandbox. The FB Shops integration will help developers understand shop store transactions and payouts, while the Spotify integration will fetch podcast details like listens, subscribers, and more. Try out these integrations in our sandbox. In case you want access to these platforms in production, do reach out to us at

Phyllo Platform Coverage
Phyllo Platform Coverage

Access the full Airtable for a detailed look at all our supported platforms and product-wise data attributes.

Audience API Continues to Power Critical Use Cases

Ever since we announced the Audience API earlier this year, it has received tremendous love from customers. Developers are using it to power several novel use cases like building one-of-a-kind creator resumes and media kits. Here’s how Beacons uses Phyllo’s Audience API to build their beautiful media kits.

The Audience API allows developers to access essential information about a creator’s audience like their gender ratio, age distribution, geographical locations etc. With this info, developers have been able to build products that allow creators to target the right audiences, understand the cultural and social context for a planned campaign, align campaign strategy with the audience’s interest and ultimately, maximize ROI.

Connect SDK and Developer Dashboard

Our new popup flow for the Connect SDK, announced in July, continued to receive appreciation for how it has improved connection rates, reduced dropoff and made the entire creator account connection process smoother and more secure. Connection success rate post its launch has gone up by over 6 percent. 

Our biggest announcement in August, the Phyllo Developer Dashboard, garnered massive interest. Developers are loving how easy the dashboard makes it for them to test Phyllo APIs on sandbox, request production access whenever they’re ready, and have all of Phyllo’s dev resources available in one place.

Phyllo Public Workspace Available on Postman

We’re also glad to announce that Phyllo’s public workspace is now listed on Postman. Developers, engineers, architects, testers, product managers and other API consumers can use this workspace to watch our API for updates, comment and provide feedback, and fork our collections to try them out!

Phyllo Public Postman Workspace
Phyllo's Public Postman Workspace

Sign up for Phyllo here and let us know your feedback on all the above updates. Stay tuned for an equally exciting October!

Abid Khan

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