How to use Instagram API to get followers

In this blog, we will guide you step-by-step on leveraging Instagram API to harness the power of follower acquisition and engagement.

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Instagram APIs bridge your business and the Instagram platform, enabling seamless integration and enhancing productivity. These APIs provide you with the tools to access Instagram account data, including user IDs and follower details.

By utilizing Instagram APIs, you can gain valuable insights, enhance your follower acquisition strategies, and engage with your audience more effectively.

In this blog, we will guide you step-by-step on how to leverage Instagram API to harness the power of follower acquisition and engagement.

Get ready to elevate your brand's reach, credibility, and success on Instagram through API integration.

Understanding the Value of Instagram Followers

The value of Instagram users in influencer marketing cannot be underestimated. Here are key pointers highlighting the significance of follower count and its impact on influencer credibility, brand partnerships, and overall marketing success:

Credibility Boost: A substantial follower count enhances an influencer's credibility within their niche. It signifies industry leadership, making the influencer's content and recommendations more influential.

Expanded Reach: Influencers with a large following offer brands exposure to a vast audience, increasing brand visibility and generating valuable impressions.

Attracting Brand Partnerships: Influencers boasting a significant follower base are highly sought-after for collaborations. Their followers align with brands' target demographics, facilitating sponsored content, endorsements, and diverse partnerships.

Financial Value: The financial worth of Instagram followers is clear in the influencer marketing payouts. Companies invest substantially in influencers based on their follower count, underscoring the direct financial impact of a robust follower base.

Social Proof and Trust: In the social media sphere, followers serve as social proof. A large, engaged follower count builds trust among the audience, leading to increased brand loyalty, higher engagement rates, and more conversions.

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Instagram API: What does it mean?

The Instagram API empowers third-party apps for business purposes, utilizing Instagram's interface to enhance user experiences and support services. Instagram, a social media giant, captivates millions of users worldwide. In response to its popularity, developers created the Instagram API to enrich the user experience. These APIs offer access to various endpoints, allowing developers to create valuable tools and services for the Instagram community.

Initially, the widely used Instagram Public API provided businesses access to user and competitor information. However, to prioritize data privacy, developers replaced it with a more controlled and restrictive API. Currently, only select apps adhering to Instagram guidelines can access it.

Multiple Instagram APIs enable businesses to seamlessly connect their apps, enhancing functionality and integration. They open up opportunities for tailored experiences and leveraging Instagram's power to drive growth and engagement.

Instagram stories for Influencer Marketing

New Instagram APIs for Enhanced Integration and Functionality:

1. Instagram Graph API: The Instagram Graph API is designed for professionals on the Instagram platform, specifically owners of Instagram Business and Creator accounts. With this API, businesses and creators can seamlessly manage their presence on Instagram through third-party apps. Key features include:

2. Instagram Basic Display API: The Instagram Basic Display API is accessible to all Instagram users, including owners of Personal, Business, and Creator accounts. This API enables users to import their media from Instagram and connect their Instagram profiles to third-party apps. Key features include:

  • Media import: Import photos and videos from Instagram to enhance your app's content.
  • Profile data access: Retrieve fundamental profile data of targeted audiences for personalized experiences.
  • Seamless integration: Connect your Instagram account with third-party apps for enhanced functionality.

These new Instagram APIs, the Graph API and Basic Display API, offer businesses and individuals greater flexibility and control over their Instagram presence. Whether you're a professional seeking advanced management tools or a regular Instagram user looking to integrate with other apps, these APIs provide valuable resources to enhance your Instagram experience.

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How Instagram APIs Can Help You Get Follower Count & Details

To harness the power of Instagram APIs to retrieve follower details, follow these steps and configurations:

Setting Up Instagram API Account

Initiating your journey with Instagram APIs begins with setting up an Instagram API account. This process necessitates creating a Facebook app developer application first. You can operate in two different modes:

  1. Development mode: limited to testers only
  2. Live mode: accessible to all members

Notably, by default, your Facebook App is set to Development Mode. Shifting to live mode requires a special request and an App Review.

Step 1: Develop a Facebook App

Begin by browsing Facebook Developers and creating a new app under 'My App'. After creation, navigate to 'Settings>Basics' on your dashboard. Here, you add your chosen website's URL under 'Add Platform' and save the changes.

Step 2: Initiate Instagram Basic Display

In this phase, you add Instagram to your app. Navigate to 'Products' and select Instagram Product, click 'Set Up', then 'Basic Display'. Proceed to create a new app, filling the form as guided:

  • Display Name: The name of your Facebook app
  • Valid OAuth Redirect URLs: Your website’s URL
  • Deauthorize Callback URL: Your website’s logout page URL
  • Data Detection Request Callback URL: Your website’s URL

Step 3: Introduce an Instagram Test User

This involves adding an Instagram tester through 'Roles>Roles' and accepting the invitation sent to your Instagram account. This setup allows you to access your Instagram account via the Facebook app in Development Mode.

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Adjusting Instagram Settings

Log in to your site and navigate to 'Instagram settings>settings'. Here, paste your Instagram App ID, App Secret, and Redirect URLs as shown in your App Dashboard. Save changes and click 'Execute'.

Utilizing Instagram API for User Posts and Follower Data

Retrieving detailed user posts and follower data requires an access token. First, establish a developer account on Instagram Developer Platform and create a new app.

  1. For access token, make a GET request to Instagram Authorize, replacing placeholders with your specific details.
  2. Exchange the authorization code for an access token by making a POST request to ACCESS TOKEN, replacing placeholders with your details.

Utilizing Instagram API for Detailed Insights

  1. Post Insights: Make a GET request to POST INSIGHTS, replacing placeholders with your media item and the desired metric.
  2. Follower Data: Make a GET request to FOLLOWERS DATA, replacing the user-id placeholder with the relevant Instagram account id.
  3. User Details: Make a GET request to USER DETAILS, replacing the user-id placeholder with the relevant user id.

Each of these requests will yield a JSON response with comprehensive data to satisfy your analytical needs.How Phyllo Can Help with Instagram APIs for Follower Details

Introducing Phyllo for Instagram API Integration

Phyllo stands as a beacon of simplicity and efficacy in the realm of social media data integration. It is an advanced tool that significantly streamlines the process of Instagram API integration, transforming the way you access follower details.

Developed as a product that scales social media platform API integrations, Phyllo eliminates the need for individual developers to build their unique integrations. Instead, it provides a singular, easily-integratable API that connects with multiple social media platforms, including Instagram.

Benefits of using Phyllo are manifold:

  • Access to comprehensive creator data such as profile data, content feeds, audience demographics, Insta stories, reels, and content views.
  • Offers the Phyllo Connect SDK for Instagram, which empowers creators, providing them with control and understanding over their account information.
  • Assures transparency and consent, enabling creators to trust Phyllo with their accounts and data.
  • Facilitates integration with various platforms like Instagram, Twitch, Substack, and more.

Using Phyllo to Retrieve Follower Data

Phyllo Connect SDK for Instagram: Empowering Creators

Phyllo's Connect SDK for Instagram is designed to offer creators control and transparency. It educates creators about the connection process, Phyllo’s role in it, and the nature of account information collected post-login. Phyllo seeks not only to disclose these details but also to obtain user consent to share them. The SDK also provides an option to disconnect the linked account, thereby providing creators full control over their account.

Navigating Instagram Login Challenges with Phyllo

Instagram's login process, albeit complicated, is made simple with Phyllo. Instagram login requires a professional account linked to a Facebook page, and Phyllo seamlessly guides creators through this process, improving connection success rates.

Leveraging Instagram Graph APIs for Stories

Instagram stories are a popular content format with engagement metrics only provided by Instagram Graph APIs, which Phyllo covers. Therefore, Phyllo can provide engagement metrics for Insta Stories, a feature not readily available elsewhere.

Phyllo vs. Third-Party Aggregators for Instagram Data

Phyllo outperforms third-party aggregators when it comes to Instagram data. It provides highly accurate data directly from the source, works in tandem with source platforms, and supports webhooks for immediate updates on creator data changes.

Furthermore, Phyllo delivers audience data directly from platform APIs and refreshes creator data at a frequency of 24 hours or sooner, making it a superior choice for Instagram data integration.

Wrapping up!

Instagram followers are crucial in influencer marketing, and utilizing Instagram APIs is key for obtaining follower details efficiently. A substantial follower count enhances an influencer's credibility and collaborations with brands.

Instagram APIs offer a streamlined solution for accessing follower information, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

To access Instagram APIs, users must create an Instagram Developer account, obtain permissions, and generate access tokens for API integration.

Phyllo simplifies Instagram API integration, providing a user-friendly tool for retrieving follower data and gaining valuable insights.

By leveraging Instagram APIs and tools like Phyllo, influencers and businesses can enhance their strategies, understand their audience better, and make data-driven decisions for success on the platform.

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