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Do you know there are approximately 37 million Instagram influencers in 2023?

Today, a person doesn't need millions of followers to be considered an influencer. Even someone who has 10,000 followers is also considered an influencer and these micro influencers often have a higher engagement rate than even celebrities. Go figure!

In a world where social media influencers and influencer marketing is inevitable, Instagram has become the go-to medium for brands to cater to their audience interests and this contributes to higher revenue generation.

Instagram audience demographics

But as marketers have you wondered how to find influencers who have the right brand affinity and can effectively advocate for your brand among their audience? Collaborating with the right creators is the foundation for successful digital campaigns.

Don't just sign influencers with notable followers count. Sometimes an influencer who has 5000 followers can bring better engagement rates on their posts and Instagram story than someone with 500,000 followers and from a fraction of the cost. To understand, whether the influencer is the right brand fit, you need to analyze influencers from your niche and find their audience demographics.

An Instagram influencer analysis tool is the best way to analyze influencer audience interests and understand what content brings the maximum engagement rate.

These valuable insights are essential for brands to create successful influencer marketing campaigns. The better you analyze the audience demographics, the faster you reach your target market, spread the brand message, and drive sales. But it is easier said than done.

So, how to check influencer demographics? Read our blog to learn!

How Do You find Instagram Influencer Audience Demographics?

As per a survey undertaken by Statista, over half of the global Instagram influencer's audience comprises people who are 34 years of age or less. Female audiences mostly favor this platform, accounting for 57.9% of Instagrammers in the US alone. Understanding these Instagram demographics becomes essential when setting up an influencer marketing campaign. Why?

Suppose you are partnering with sports influencers, meaning most of their followers are inclined to sports-related affairs. If you are selling health drinks, sportswear, or sports equipment, these influencers will target your potential audience through the influencer posts. But your campaign would have reaped a different result if you had collaborated with a fashion influencer. They might have a few sports enthusiasts in their following. Still, even those audiences would prefer to take suggestions on sports-related products from a fitness influencer. 

Creators are peers who have built credibility as experts in a specific domain. Thus, having an insight into the creator's audience demographics is vital. The question is, how to find Instagram audience demographics?

Find out about some of the key Instagram demographic Statistics 2023

Use Instagram Insights

Instagram audience demographics

Instagram users with a business account can analyze their follower demographics for free under the platform's native analytics feature, Instagram Insights. It is also available for Instagram creator accounts and those connected to a Facebook Page.

You can get the following information from your professional Instagram dashboard.

  1. Follower count:

Head over to the top right corner of your profile to find the menu and go to "Insights." Go to the "Your Audience" tab to determine your followers' demographics. Here, you can see how many followers you have, plus who has followed or unfollowed you within the last week.

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  1. Location:

This provides information regarding where most of the creator's followers are based from. But it only shows for the top 5 locations. This will allow brands to find a collaborator who fits their geo-profile. 

  1. Age and Gender:

Below the location section, you can find the audience age range and gender distribution. Plus, the age distribution of men and women is separately provided in this section.

  1. Mostly active:

At the end of the section, you can find when the followers are most active. Looking into the graph of the time and days the influencer's followers engage most can be highly beneficial. Marketers can queue the post at those times, allowing for organic engagement, traffic, and better ROI.

However, Instagram analytics gives the audience demographic details from the last 30 days. To dig deeper into the creator demographics data, you must use a universal API platform like Phyllo. Not only can you access public data but also authenticated data with Phyllo.

How To Analyze Other Instagram Accounts and Competitors?

Analyze Instagram audience

Brands need to analyze their competitor's accounts and marketing strategies to improve the quality of their influencer marketing plan. You can check their Instagram profiles and find out which creator they're working with, what kind of sponsored posts they share, and how audiences engage with them.

A Universal API like Phyllo can help you gather the audience demographics of the creators working for your competitors. We provide lifetime data of a creator from multiple platforms, including Instagram, with an influencer database of over 135 million.

How To Check Instagram Influencer Demographics?

Instagram Influencer Demographics

Is your brand one of the most widely recognized, like Nike or Maybelline? If not, organic Instagram follower growth is a challenging task. Analyzing influencer audience data provides actionable information for optimizing your company's influencer marketing plan. 

For example, you can determine the posting frequency on different social media channels, what kind of content performs with their followers, which posts bring the maximum engagement rate, what are their top posts, and more such significant details can be obtained from the influencer analytics tool.

But, brands can only access an influencer's Instagram Insights if they send you screenshots of audience demographics or engagement rates from their creator account. They can also prepare a PowerPoint presentation or create professional reports with dedicated influencer analytics tool to share their follower demographics.

One thing that you need to be aware of is fake followers. Many influencers often have bot followers, which can mislead marketers. The audience quality score (AQS) is a metric that helps brands better assess the overall quality of social media users on the creator's Instagram account.

The AQS is measured from 1 to 100. Scores of 100 indicate that the audience is of great quality, while scores of 0 indicate that the audience is of low quality or there is a prevalence of fake followers or bot followers.

You can also get a detailed analysis of Instagram influencer demographics from Phyllo. Its Creator Search product uses multiple partners to source creator data across a large pool of influencers and filter the right fit across numerous parameters. Everything is covered with Phyllo for content discovery, activation, content tracking, and monitoring.

What can I get more with Phyllo?

  • Identity API helps analyze profiles to obtain details like username, name, profile image, etc., and reputation info, including followers, followings, subscribers, and contact details.
  • Audience API gathers details on audience location (city, country), gender, and age.
  • Engagement API provides details like what kind of content they post, content URL, source platform, and description, along with audience engagement info, including average likes, comments, shares, views, and timestamps.
  • Comment API collect details on followers' comments on an influencer's post that defines how effective they can be for your brand.
  • Income API gives insights into the influencers' income and monetary transactions.

Brands can accumulate this data when negotiating with the creators and establishing a strategy to improve their ROI and meet their marketing goals.

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How To Use Instagram Influencer Demographics To Improve Digital Marketing Strategy?

As of January 2023, the total potential reach of ads on Instagram is 1.32 billion, of which 48.2% are females, and 51.8% are males. Isn't knowing such a stat useful while implementing marketing and influencer campaigns? Influencers have knowledge and authority in a particular niche, and if it is mutually inclusive with your industry, the marketing strategy will undoubtedly provide better results.

In short, Instagram follower demographics help brands understand who their partnered influencers are followed by and from where. Thus, you can determine whether they can target the right audience.

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For instance, if you are a restaurant based in Sicily, Italy, collaborating with an influencer from LA would not get you the desired result. But if you are an Italian coffee chain looking to open shops in LA, then it would be beneficial.

Here's how audience demographics improve your marketing strategy:

Choose The Right Influencer

Influencer selection gets easy when you understand the audience demographics you are mainly targeting. It is the right choice if the influencers' followers are mutually inclusive of the brand's target audience. It ensures you are meeting the right audience via the creator's post.

Create Quality Content

The influencer's content targets the potential brand audience, thus driving audience interest in your brand, building loyalty, and improving sales. For example, when a lifestyle influencer promotes a luxury brand, the engagement rate would be much higher than if they promoted a health drink.

Now that you know what kind of audience you are targeting, their age, gender, marital status, education level, active hours, and location, you can create and share high-quality content. You need to reach the right audience to make your marketing campaigns successful. Audience demographics are among the most important performance metrics that marketers measure.

Instagram influencer demographics

Fulfil Your Brand Objectives

Brands have a variety of objectives when implementing a marketing strategy, primarily they are

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Increasing brand engagement rate
  • Attracting new audience
  • Improving customer retention
  • Establishing a brand name and building credibility within a particular sector
  • Improving conversion rates and driving sales

To fulfill these objectives, brands need to target the right audience, and it is only possible when you can analyze their demographics.

Brands must be aware that every social media platform attracts different audiences. Analyzing follower demographic information allows creators to craft content that speaks directly to the audience on a specific network and spread the brand message to prospects.


A deep understanding of Instagram audience demographics is vital for brands. Sponsored content won't work to its fullest potential until you create the ads based on relevant target audience data.

If you're trying to easily access the Instagram creator database and are looking for best-in-class influencer analysis tools, use Phyllo's Instagram API integration. We provide access to both public and authenticated data of influencers. Connect with us today!

FAQs about Instagram Audience Demographics

What audience age group is most active on Instagram?

As of January 2023, 31% of the global Instagram audience was aged between 18-24 years, 30.3% between 24-35 years, and the remaining portion belongs between 35-44 years.

Which Instagram category gets the maximum followers?

Some of the most popular Instagram categories that get maximum followers are sports, fashion, food, travel, fitness, and nature, among many others.

Which gender uses Instagram the most?

According to Statista, 51.8% of the global Instagram audience will be male in 2023, and the remaining others will be women.

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